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Management of Sofetskill @Campus Placement

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Management of Soft Skills @ Campus Placement


Every student pursuing a professional career in engineering/management or any other stream has an ambition to obtain a challenging job in a company of repute (a brand name) and make a successful career.

The eligibility of any student for campus placement although decides on the basis of his current and past academic performance (i.e. 10th and 12th marks) but his success in the interview is mainly depend on the technical knowledge and mostly on presentation / communication skill/general awareness. This implies the importance of soft skill knowledge at this stage.

Basic campus placement activities conduct in three phases.

1. Technical or subject Test
2. Group discussion
3. Personal Interview

A group discussion or GD conducted to test following skill of the candidates.

• Interpersonal skill-listening, speaking, receptiveness, team spirit etc. • Clarity of thoughts-knowledge and ability to link known fact • Communication skill- coherence

And the interview process to evaluate the candidate on various aspects such as goal, attitude, and motivational level ability to react the situation etc. This also helps company to assess the cultural fit between the company and students.

This paper will elaborate on exact soft skill required for the students who are ready for placement i.e. final or pre final year students of the college based on four important factors, mainly knowledge, attitude, skill and practice


With the changing educational trends, versatility in educational courses, availability of masses of qualified personnel, the competition for job acquisition and job sustainability is becoming tougher. To get an edge over the competitors, students are left with no choice but to add values to their hard skills with soft…...

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