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Workshop One

Angela R Draper
Business Ethics – Bus307

Business Ethics in the workplace is vital to the success of any company whether in regards to the short-run operations or long-term profits. Ethics are about making choices that may not always feel good or seem like they benefit the company. On any occasions you have heard the sayings: don’t hurt, don’t steal, don’t lie, and a popular one do unto others as you would have done to you. These sayings can play a vital role in obtaining ethical values within any company. When a company sets up the guidelines for ethical values it must take in consideration the attitude it wants to betray within the company. Ethics are thought of by many people as something that is related to the private side of life and not to the business side. However, ethics have every bit as much a place in the public as they do in private. Once the foundation is set and this is the environment of the workplace there would be a different outcome within the company. Ethical values cover all aspects of business conduct, regardless of the type of business they are. This would include the treatment of employees, treatment of suppliers and vendors, accounting practices, and the corporate vision including the strategy of the company. A company that set ups ethical values within the company there are expectations from each employee. Therefore you will attract employees that are like minded and therefore less of a turnover rate within the company. This would fall into the productivity category within a company. A new employee for the first ninety days is an expense to the company and not making a profit, because their work is slower doing the learning curve therefore reducing productivity. Majority of the time ethical values are incorporated directly into the training…...

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