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Linux Operating System

Linux is an UNIX – like operating system that is largely POSIX compliant. Linux is being developed under the GPL and is freely redistributable in source code. This means that is an open source that means you can see the source code. The first Linux kernel was written by the Linus Torvalds in 1994 and is the core of the operating system.
There are 5 core Linux kernel sub-systems. First sub-system is called the Process Scheduler, which regulates processes to the CPU. The second sub-system is called Memory Manager, which controls memory matching and it also makes sure the processers do not overlap. The third sub-system is called Virtual File System, which controls the security of stored data and also controls the high-speed access. The fourth sub-system is called Network Interface, which provides network connectivity between machines. The fifth sub-system is called Inter-Process Communications, which enables concurrently executing processes to share common resources.
Linux has many different distros or versions of the operating system. There are 10 popular ones out there. Here they are arch, centos, Debi an, fedora, Gentoo, Linux mint, opens use, red hat, slack ware and Ubuntu. The most popular out these is fedora. Linux can be set up how you wanted. Here are some companies that are using Linux based operating systems. They are Netflix, IBM, Oracle and Red Hat. Then there are some web based companies that are also using Linux. They are Google, Facebook and Twitter to name a few. There is money and information based things that use this system. Here are just a few that use it the London Stock Exchange, The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, and even the Tokyo Stock exchange. There are some of the most popular products that use this system. They include mobile phones, tablet computers, network routers, televisions, game consoles and all of the android systems on mobile devices.…...

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