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Life After Five Years

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American life after 10 years
`` Can you give me `O ' positive group blood , made by Procter
Gamble '
`` Please book four tickets for this Christmas , on space station
``Voyager V , for five days .
`` The government proposes to charge 2 percent tax on those who are enjoying the benefit of breathing fresh air .
`` The production set up is located in Sydney , with each machine controlled by a program , which can be accessed through internet by the production supervisor sitting in New Jersey '
`` There used to be many small islands in the equatorial belt of the Atlantic Ocean , which are now submerged due to rise in the water level . Global warming was responsible for this , and America , contributed the maximum to this phenomenon , by emitting the maximum carbon dioxide , than any other single country , for many years together .
Within a decade , statements like above , will be a true reflection of the latest happenings in the life style of human beings .
While Biotechnology , space research , information technology and the internet are changing the human lives to an unprecedented extent , human greed is also causing devastation to the biggest natural gift to us , our well balanced environment . Like never before in the history of mankind , is the human race facing rapid changes , especially the American society .
The changes are occurring very fast in the American society as compared to other societies , because it is a society of a highly developed nation and an economic super power . People are relatively rich here , and most important of all , they have an open mind to accept and experiment new ideas . Here , they also have the facilities and the resources to experiment with new ideas…...

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