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Legally Blonde: The Musical Legally Blonde is an American musical with music and lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin and book by Heather Hach. The story is based on the novel Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown and the 2001 film of Legally Blonde. It tells the story of Elle Woods, a sorority girl who enrolls at Harvard Law School to win back her ex-boyfriend Warner. She discovers how her knowledge of the law can help others, and successfully defends exercise queen Brooke Wyndham in a murder trial. Jerry Mitchell directed and choreographed. The original musical stars were Laura Bell Bundy as Elle Woods, Christian Borle as Emmett Forrest and Richard H. Blake as Warner. I also tried to include all the musical numbers in the sequence that they occurred and they will be in parenthesis. This was my second musical that I have attended, what was really cool was when I attended this one they had the musical production on DVD copy. After the musical was over, I of course purchased the DVD copy. I was fortunate enough to travel to the Palace Theater, in the ninth grade to witness what I still believe to be the best Broadway production yet! I was hesitate at the beginning do to all the critics and their stereotypical views that this production, was going to be a modern chick flick sitcom. It was girly and pink, but I believe that the female to male ratio was around 14:10. Jerry Mitchell did an amazing job directing and choreographing this musical, the only thing that it lacked was the timing and a sense of direction for a couple of the minor parts ( basically, the fill in in the Delta Nu Sorority in the opening act). I remembered like it was yesterday, walking through the huge doors to find my seat in this massive theater. When the musical opened we was taking to the courtyard of the Delta Nu Sorority House. Were the girls of UCLA's sorority Delta Nu, led by Margot, Serena, and Pilar, celebrate the possible engagement of Warner Huntington III to their perky, sweet, and ever so blonde sorority president, Elle Woods, who is stressing over finding the perfect dress for the occasion ("Omigod You Guys"). Once she acquires her dream dress, Elle goes to dinner with Warner, where he tells her that he needs someone more "Serious" less of a Marilyn and more of a Jackie and breaks up with her. Elle is devastated and sits and morns for twelve days ("Daughter of Delta Nu") but decides to chase Warner to Harvard Law School to show him that she can be serious. With help from Delta Nu sister Kate, Elle studies for the LSATs. Instead of writing a personal essay, Elle bursts into the Harvard admission offices backed by a squad of cheerleaders. She is accepted after revealing she is motivated by love. ("What You Want"). Elle's snobby classmates disapprove of her attire, and the only person who is willing to help her is law teaching assistant, Emmett Forrest ("The Harvard Variations"). However, he cannot protect her in class from the shark Professor Callahan ("Blood in the Water"). Callahan kicks the under-prepared Elle out of class at the suggestion of her classmate Vivienne Kensington, who happens to be Warner's new girlfriend. This hurts Elle Woods which summons the sisters of Delta Nu, who, acting as a Greek Chorus visible and audible only to Elle, tell her to stay ("Positive"). Elle, deciding that being blonde is the problem, decides to become a brunette. She heads to the salon where she meets the beautician Paulette, who tells Elle that when she is down, she puts on her favorite CD, and dreams of ("Ireland"). At the salon, Vivienne gives Elle an unexpected invitation to a costume party. Paulette sends Elle off with a costume for the party, her positivity and blonde hair still intact. Walking into the party as a Playboy bunny, Elle soon realizes that she was tricked by Vivienne but courageously seeks Warner in an effort to win him back, leaving him unimpressed Elle runs from the party, only to meet Emmett, who struggles to understand Elle's love problems. He has Elle look at her priorities until she realizes it is her obsession with Warner that keeps her from earning his respect. Freed from her need to please Warner, she defeats Warner in a classroom debate ("Chip on My Shoulder"). Elle then helps Paulette in a way that proves she is beginning to understand law. Warner and Vivienne win two of Callahan's coveted internship positions, and Warner proposes to Vivienne on the spot right in front of Elle. Before Elle's heart can break, Emmett shows her the internship list. Below the names of Vivienne, Warner, and classmate Enid Hoopes is the name Elle Woods, at which she is ecstatic ("So Much Better"). This was the end of Act 1, which the audience was in an uproar. I remember it was like a roar of thunder tearing across the horizon. The only thing that I could remember that was really noticeable in Act 1 was the timing issue with the “Greek Chorus.” Made up from the Delta Nu sisters. There was a noticeable pause between the appearance of the chorus, I don’t know if the rising stage from under the stage wasn’t working, but there was about an 10 seconds pause. The actors did a excellent job and the unplanned kiss between Warner and Vivienne helped pass the delay. I really enjoyed the message that Act 1 left you with, and I can relate to the character of Elle. When no one thought that she could make it through Harvard Law School. Elle actually became more than a lawyer, as you will find out in Act 2. I also like the message that Act 1 left you with that your never to judge a book by it’s cover. Act 2 started with Callahan, Emmett, and the four interns studying the workout video of their client, fitness mogul Brooke Wyndham ("Whipped into Shape"). Brooke's stepdaughter, Chutney, is accusing Brooke of murdering Brooke's much older husband. Callahan and the interns visit Brooke in jail, but are unable to get an alibi from her, until she is alone with Elle and reveals she was getting liposuction on the day of the murder ("Delta Nu Nu Nu"). Not willing to betray her Delta Nu loyalty, Elle asks Callahan to trust her when she says that Brooke is innocent. Emmett begs Elle to break her promise, which she refuses. She takes Emmett to a department store ("Take It Like a Man"). The results impress both of them. Back at the Hair Affair, Elle is getting a manicure when Kyle, the sexy new UPS delivery man, walks in. Paulette is stunned, but she is too shy to talk to him. As she bends down to pick up the package, Margot, Serena and Pilar are amazed by Paulette's amazing "Bend and Snap". The sorority girls tell Paulette to use the "Bend and Snap" on Kyle, but when she does, she accidentally breaks his nose ("Bend and Snap"). On the third day of Brooke's trial, Brooke's pool boy, Nikos Argitakos, shocks the court by claiming to be Brooke’s lover. Brooke denies it, and Elle believes her. Elle tries the "Bend and Snap" twice, in front of Nikos and gets no response. She concludes that he is gay, while Callahan believes him to be simply European ("There! Right There!"). The question baffles everyone until it is revealed by Carlos, Nikos' boyfriend, that Nikos is gay and European. Later that night in Callahan's office, the interns celebrate Elle's skill. However, after dismissing Emmett and the other interns, Callahan forcibly kisses Elle, who slaps him. In turn, Callahan fires her. Warner and Vivienne both saw the kiss, though only Vivienne saw the slap. Warner mocks Elle, but Vivienne tells him to shut up and they both leave. A defeated Elle prepares to go home, even though Emmett asks her to stay, finally realizing that he is in love with her ("Legally Blonde"). Elle heads to the Hair Affair to say goodbye to Paulette, but before she can leave, Vivienne convinces Elle otherwise Elle discards her lawyer navy suits, gets a pink dress and leads a parade back to the courtroom. They meet Kyle on the way, who takes a liking to Paulette, and reveals himself to be the Irish man of her dreams, prompting a River dance amongst the ensemble. Back at the trial, Brooke fires Callahan and hires Elle. Chutney goes to the witness stand and her testimony is solid, but Elle triumphs by revealing Chutney's lie with her knowledge of hair maintenance. Chutney accidentally confesses that she was the one who killed her father. Warner proposes to Elle, having been dumped by Vivienne. Elle gently refuses, claiming to have been changed by the experience ("Find My Way"). Three years later, Elle ends up as the valedictorian of her class. Paulette tells the audience that Enid practices family law, Vivienne is training for the Peace Corps, and Warner pursues a modeling career. Callahan ran for governor but was defeated, and his wife hired Emmett to handle their divorce. Paulette married Kyle, had two kids, and is pregnant with the third and Paulette bought a new salon. At the end of the graduation, Elle proposes to Emmett, and Emmett accepts. So as you can see that musical was action packed, and was a great performance to see. I advise anyone to watch it has a amazing story line, it shows that one can do anything that you put your mind to no matter what people say. This production also shows that to smash all the stereotypes that are out there, and let nothing hold you back. This event helped me understand that you can do anything that you want to. If you're serious and willing to work for it. This musical really carries a mix of emotion. I was moved to laughter, due to all humorous characters especially the Delta Nu Sorority sisters. I was anger, when Warner left Elle for Vivienne. Even through the theme of this production draws the woman due to the fact that its glamour and pink, it's carries a excellent message and is a good musical production for the entire family.…...

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