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Krzysiaks Family Restaurant
Aarika Chilson
May 6, 2013

Krzysiak House Restaurant Krzysiak House restaurant is located in Baycity, Michigan. It was established in 1979 by a family with a dream of opening a restaurant that served home cooked food in a Polish/American style, at a reasonable price. They have achieved their dream and have become one of the most popular restaurants in the area. Travelers and people from foreign countries and all over the United States visit often. In the world we live in today, we are over run by fast food. Nobody ever really has a good home cooked meal unless they prepare it themselves or are invited to a dinner made by their mothers or grandmothers. Some restaurants offer “home cooked” meals but are often over processed foods that have come in boxes or have been sitting in the freezer for who knows how long. Its time to eat a REAL home-made meal while your out and about. When you arrive at Krzysiak’s, one of the first things you see is their “weather stone”, which is a large rock with a plaque of a humorous weather forecast that states the obvious: Stone is wet-it’s raining, stone is dry-it’s not raining, shadow on the ground-it’s sunny, white on top-it’ snowing, and so on. As you walk in the door you immediately smell a wonderful mixture of home-made fried chicken, German potato salad, bread and pies. You can hear people in good conversation and laughter with polish music set in the background. There is a small store located in the front of the restaurant that offers an assortment of home-made foods for sale and wines from all over Michigan. A waitress will always be nearby to greet you with a smile and seat you in their dining area that displays beautifully done murals of Poland and family on every wall visible. After drinks are ordered, whether you prefer a soda, milk, juice or alcoholic beverage you are given a choice of ordering off their menu or the buffet where many combinations of meats, potatoes, sides and salads are available. Their fried chicken is one of a kind and is always fresh and juicy with an out side layer of crispy, seasoned, batter with a hint of sweetness. I have been going to this restaurant for years and it became a favorite for my father, my daughter and I to take my grandmother for lunch when we went to visit her in Baycity. After she past away, it made me feel like she was still with me whenever I ate at Krzysiaks and is my favorite place to dine. Now that I have introduced this restaurant to my boyfriend Eric, he is just as much in love with the atmosphere and food as I am. I hope to always visit this restaurant and have it be part of my life, my children’s life and maybe even my grandchildren life; because in my opinion, they just don’t make restaurants with home-made food and wonderful people like that anymore.…...

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