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Jeff Immelt the Ge Way

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Immelt's personal strategy for overcoming tough times:

"Commit to learn everyday (you need an incredible thirst for knowledge)

work hard with passion (competence and energy solve most problems)

Give people a reason to trust (the world is more selective today - trust is a differentiator)

Have confidence (Understand that you can make a difference)

Be an optimist (cynicism is corrosive)"

I was impressed that GE never backed off training, even in tough times. I believe tough times is a good time to invest in training. Partly because change is required and training helps foster positive change and partly because usually there is some surplus capacity so staff have the time.

I resonate with Immelt "I'm a learner, and most good leaders that I like are the same way".

GE's core values according to Immelt are:


These look simple. I would have added more definition. EG change for the sake of change is not good. It is "appropriate change" that needs to be sought. Immelt says "constant reinvention is a central necessity".

I liked what Immelt teaches young leaders:

1 - take personal responsibility
2 - Simplify constantly
3 - Understand depth, breadth and context
4 - Focus on alignment and Time Management. (and no I did not make that one up)
5 - Learn constantly and learn how to teach. (and I would add learn how to learn faster and better)
6 - Stay true to your own personal style.
7 - Mange by setting boundaries, but allow freedom in the middle.
8 - be disciplined and detailed.
9 - Leave a few things unsaid
10 - Put people first (interesting since this has not been a GE trait - I agree - see my review of Primal…...

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