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It321 Unit 1

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Charlton Davis
IT321 Unit 1 Labs

Lab 6

Step 3-, Router 3 Fa0/0, S0/0/1, S0/0/0

Step 4- PC 3 ip address is correct

Step 5- All interface were up

Step 6- R2 could not ping PC 3

Step 7-

Step 8- R3 S0/0/0 ip address

Step 9- Yes

Step 10- on S0/0/1

Step 11-

Step 12- No

Step 13- None

Step 14- No it could not ping default gateway,

Step 15- No

Step 18- R1, R2, and R3 are connected, because it use PPP

Step 19- Fa0/0

Step 21- Yes

Step 22-,,,; R1 forward the packet to R3 which send it to R2 which sends it to PC2

Step 24- R3 S0/0/0

Step 26- belongs to R3 S0/0/1; belongs to R1 S0/0/0

Step 27- Yes, Serial interface S0/0/1

Step 28- Yes, passive interface S0/0/1
Lab 7

Step 2- R2 Fa0/0, PC2

Step 3-,,,,, and

Step 4- Yes, All route exist on table

Step 5- R3 S0/0/0, R1 S0/0/1

Step 6- Goes to R3 then back to R1

Step 8- via

Step 9- there is no route to

Step 10- use static default S0/0/0

Step 11- R1 use a static route to that send the packet to R3 and R3 use default to send it back to R1

Step 12- No

Step 13- No, from R1 to R2

Step 14- ip route

Step 15- Use command “configure terminal” then command “no ip route”

Step 16- It will take

Step 17- Takes route


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