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Improving Instruction for ELLs
According the Echevarria, Vogt, and Short (2013), the 44 states that implemented the Common Core Standards these states are working “to ensure the required standards are included and the U.S. Department of Education (USED) is requiring participating states to revise their NCLB assessments” (p.8). While this alignment of standards promotes a unity between states and helps to promote college preparedness (p.8), it fails at considering the needs of English language learners. Some states, like Illinois and Arizona have created standards that help teachers to understand ELLs and consequently develop instruction that can be differentiated for their various proficiency levels. No two ELLs enter school at the same proficiency level or with the same experiences. This diversity makes it quite challenging for teachers to accommodate every learner. Consequently, teachers can use the Arizona English learner standards to supplement the Common Core Standards in an attempt to differentiate instruction for their ELLs. The standards address all proficiency levels, including pre-emergent, emergent, basic, low intermediate, high intermediate, and proficient. Obviously, the strategies that are adequate for general education students and proficient ELLs would not suffice for those at the pre-emergent or even the low intermediate stage. Therefore, differentiation is absolutely necessary. Differentiation would vary at the different stages as well as take into consideration ELL proficiency levels. For instance, in grades one and two, which is the ELL Stage II, a pre-emergent learner would most likely come into the classroom with very little phonemic awareness whereas general education students in the same grade and proficient ELLs would be able to apply phonemes to different words, read words in context, and comprehend the academic language of their…...

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