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Institutional Sales in Nippo

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to extend my deep gratitude towards NIPPO BATTERIES CO. LTD. for providing me with an excellent opportunity to be associated with it as a part of my summer internship programme. I was associated in particular with GLIDE Institutional sales, the specialized department of NIPPO Batteries Co. Ltd. responsible for extending the market share of Glide shaving kits and its database of clients. Working here turned out to be a great learning experience for me, the credit for which goes to each and every member of NIPPO batteries Co. Ltd. New Delhi sales and marketing team. It is my privilege to acknowledge my sincerest gratitude to Mr. Saawat Das (Country Head - Sales and marketing, NIPPO) for his co-opearation and inspiration at every stage during the pursuance of the project. However, in particular I would like to thank Mr. Saswat Das (General Manager - Sales and marketing, NIPPO) who was my mentor at NIPPO and also to Mr. Chandan Mishra (Management Trainee – Institutional Sales) at NIPPO. They have been a constant source of inspiration and guided me throughout my Internship. Distance can never be a factor in knowledge imparting and knowledge sharing. Despite doing my summer training from my home town, my mentor Prof. Anagha Shukre took care of my…...

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