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IKCA: Swedish shop. Basically have furniture designed to business purpose to student which is living abroad. Comfort & durable

Marketing Strategy:

Marketing Strategy is basically the marketing logic by which business will hopes to achieve its marketing objectives.

Target Market

• Market Segmentation: Market segmentation is the process of dividing a market into various segments.

• Geographic Segmentation: This is dividing market into different graphic units.

• Demographic Segmentation: This is based on Age, Gender, income, education & social class.

• Psychographic Segmentation: call for dividing into different group such as: Social class, Lifestyle, desired benefits, personality


Branch Positioning is the place in consumer’s minds that you want your brand to own the benefits you want them to think of your brand. Example IKCA

Marketing Mix:

Marketing mix is broken into three steps

Product Strategy: product strategy provide the right product, which meets the needs or choice of the people, who are very much concerned about the comfort, quality & value, they received from the product.

Price Strategy: Pricing strategy as our target audience is little prices sensitive, so in order to make it easily affordable.

Promotional Strategy: Offer seasonal discount for e.g. on Christmas, new year etc. by advertising

SWOT Analysis

As mentioned in our marketing plan, our situation is quite positive.

1) Strengths: We are providing high quality fabric with extreme softness at the affordable price. It will be easily available on time in all outlets.

2) Weakness: The main reason behind this is the low commercial activity or little advertisement, so that the people don’t know about our collection.

3) Opportunities: The Company can extend their product line by introducing name & diversified…...

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