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Impact of Operations Strategy in the Success of Firms:

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BY Adawari Josiah Jumbo Student Number: 15622057 2010.

Impact of Operations Strategy in the success of Firms: A Case study of Bunge Limited

Impact of Operations Strategy in the success of Firms:
A Case study of Bunge Limited


Adawari Josiah Jumbo
Student Number: 15622057

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Laureate Online Education & University of Liverpool – Online Masters Degree
Partial fulfillment for the award of Master of Science (M.Sc.) Degree in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Instructor: Dr. Armin Zehtabchi

2010 ii.

This project is dedicated to my beloved wife and children for their understanding and support. My Instructor, Dr. Armin Zehtabchi is also to share from this for his supportive challenges and encouragement.



I hereby declare that the work done in this project is entirely mine and has not been presented to any University for the award of any degree; that it was supervised by Instructor, Dr. Armin Zehtabchi.

Adawari Josiah Jumbo



Accepted by, Laureate Online Education & University of Liverpool – Online Masters Degree, in partial fulfillment of the Master of Science (M.Sc.) Degree in Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Instructor: _________________________________________ Dr. Armin Zehtabchi



I have the pleasure to thank my Instructor, Dr. Armin Zehtabchi for his professional guidance and supervision all through this module including this project work. Your supervision is commendable.
Knowledge gained through this module was made possible through the able assistance of the Instructor and other class mates as we interacted through the discussion questions. I am equally delighted to say am indebted to…...

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