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Human Service Manager Exercise Paper ‘Reinforce, Refer, Release’

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Human Service Manager Exercise Paper Managing people is almost as old as the history of mankind, since it appeared simultaneously with the appearance of the first forms of human organizations, tribes, communities, clans. As economic development and the emergence of large organizations, personnel management has become a special control function that requires specialized knowledge and skills, the organizations have established special units composed of people with the knowledge and skills – human resources departments. With the development of scientific and technological progress and increasing complexity of organizations in the second half of the twentieth century, the functions of these departments have expanded – administration of benefits and maintenance of relations with trade unions, supplemented by recruitment, training and staff development, the establishment of compensation systems, career development, communication, and significantly increased their importance for organization. Specific responsibility for the overall management of human resources in large organizations is usually entrusted to workers from trained personnel department, usually consisting of staff services. In order for such specialists to be actively promoting the purposes of cooperation and success, they need not only knowledge and expertise in their particular field, but information that satisfies the needs of lower-level managers. However, if lower level managers do not understand the specifics of human resources, its capabilities and weaknesses, they can not fully use the services of specialists, HR managers. It is therefore important that all leaders know and understand the means and methods of managing people. The dynamic development of market economy involves competition between different manufacturers, a victory in which the remains of those organizations who are the most effective…...

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