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Hi to the Other Side

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Letter Rubric | | Excellent | Good | Needs Improvement | Poor | Content

Letter to an inspirational American citizen | 35-40 points

The letter contains all of the required elements: * why civic and political participation is important? * how the person influenced change? * what issues or events motivated the person to action? * why the person deserves a national holiday? * how society is different because of the person’s work? * how you and others living today benefit from their efforts? * sources of information in MLA format | 29-34 points

The letter contains most of the required elements: * why civic and political participation is important? * how the person influenced change? * what issues or events motivated the person to action? * why the person deserves a national holiday? * how society is different because of the person’s work? * how you and others living today benefit from their efforts? * sources of information in MLA format | 20-28 points

The letter contains some of the required elements: * why civic and political participation is important? * how the person influenced change? * what issues or events motivated the person to action? * why the person deserves a national holiday? * how society is different because of the person’s work? * how you and others living today benefit from their efforts? * sources of information in MLA format | 0-19 points

The letter contains few of the required elements: * why civic and political participation is important? * how the person influenced change? * what issues or events motivated the person to action? * why the person deserves a national holiday? * how society is different because of the person’s work? * how you and others living today benefit from their efforts? * sources of information in MLA format | Quality | 35-40 points

The letter contains completely accurate, detailed, and thoughtful information about the citizen and his or her actions that changed society. | 29-34 points

The letter contains mostly accurate, detailed, and thoughtful information about the citizen and his or her actions that changed society. | 20-28 points

The letter contains somewhat accurate, detailed, and thoughtful information about the citizen and his or her actions that changed society. | 0-19 points

The letter lacks accurate, detailed, and thoughtful information about the citizen and his or her actions that changed society. | 21st Century presentation skills | 17-20 points

The letter is completely organized, easy to read and comprehend. It has few spelling or grammar errors. | 13-16 points

The letter is mostly organized, easy to read and comprehend. It has few spelling or grammar errors. | 10-12 points

The letter is somewhat organized, easy to read and comprehend. It has some spelling, grammar, or citation format errors. | 0-9 points

The letter lacks organization, ease of reading and comprehension. It has many spelling or grammar errors. |…...

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... Woodrow Wilson's ideas about administration to some may have seemed practical but to others it seemed impossible. I believe his ideas about administration were very practical and workable if people decided to try and look at it in his point of view. Some of the distinctions he believes in which wasn't very clearly stated by him. There are advantages and disadvantages in using such a dichotomy today as a way to advance that field of study as well. Wilson's idea of being able to take pieces of other countries policies and break them down to what the United States can use within their administration is a great way to see what has worked and what hasn't in other countries. By looking into the other countries administration structures and studying how the countries have dealt with those rules and policies, you can see what may benefit our country to the best of its abilities. There are so many different countries out there with different views of administration and to take a piece out of different countries and make our own out of them would definitely work in my opinion. Especially since the United States is the melting pot of the world, what better way to make the administration side have a piece of different parts of the world to make our dichotomy work for us. Some people see this country as a place where they have freedoms to do and say whatever they want to do. Most other countries have rules against those types of behaviors. But because this country is so......

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