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Health Care System Evolutions Paper

University of Phoenix

History and Overview of the U.S. Health Care System

HCS 310

Karen Solorio

February 16, 2009

Introduction on Code of Ethics In today’s current business environment, many challenges are in demand for the professional conduct of special healthcare specialty. I will review Manitoba Chiropractors’ Association Code of Ethics. I will review and discuss certain guidelines such as their clarity of goals, ethical principles, grievance procedures, feasibility of enforcing either part of the code or the entire code and my recommendation for strengthening potential weak areas of their code.

Clarity of Goals Manitoba code of ethics is based on a set of principles that will establish requirements and its expectation for their chiropractors to fulfill its duties to their patients, the public, and to their colleagues. Because the code addresses broad ethical obligations, the onus is on individual chiropractors to maintain a working knowledge of, and comply with, the legislation and policies in the workplace and jurisdictions in which they practice ( 2008). Manitoba affirms that its goal is to affirm and clarify principles that are definite to their professional and ethical care.
Identified ethical principles Manitoba has identified five principles in its guidelines that will form their code of ethics. 1. Patient autonomy and informed consent; members of the public have the right to choose their own chiropractor. A chiropractor shall respect the patient’s right to participate in treatment decisions. 2. Nonmaleficence (to do no harm); a chiropractor, in all manner of examination and treatment, shall strive to do no harm. It is understood that in some conditions deterioration or exacerbation may occur despite appropriate care. 3. Beneficence; Chiropractic treatment shall endeavor to elicit improvement in the patient’s condition. The goal of treatment shall be optimum function, health and wellness for the patient. Chiropractors have a responsibility to provide a high standard of professional services for treatment rendered. 4. Competence; The chiropractors primary obligation is to provide service to the public through a delivery of quality care in a competent and timely fashion. 5. Veracity; Chiropractors must be truthful and forthright in all professional matters. Grievance procedures Manitoba does not have any grievance procedures written at this time although they do have responsibilities to follow. The chiropractors are ethically obligated to follow the rules set by the association and shall abide by the Standards of Practice. The chiropractors have an obligation to report any misconduct by another chiropractor who shows unprofessional conduct. All chiropractors should avoid all situations that could lead to conflict of interest as identified in the Conflict of Interest Policy set by the MCA
Opinion on feasibility of part or entire code While the code of ethics written by the MCA holds all chiropractors responsible it seems to be vague. The clarity of goals is written as its purpose, which states that the expectations are in fulfilling their duties to their patients. I believe they could have stated their goals more clearly and defined its fundamental objectives. They seem to have identified the principles, although it seems they needed better definition to state its case. Since there was no grievance procedure in place, they need to consider what may happen if a patient feels they were treated unprofessionally.
Recommendations for strengthening weak areas of codes as written I would recommend by including clarity of goals along with its purpose for their code of ethics. A grievance procedure should be written as well as a committee establish with a chairman to oversee the code of ethics. Certain guidelines should be followed such as the initiation of a grievance procedure before the ethics committee. The committee shall establish a procedure if a grievance is initiated. Specifics of the complaint to be sent to the parties involved are one of the ways for the grievance procedures to be investigated. Upon completion of the investigation the staff shall represent a report in writing to the ethics committee ( Establish how many days the staff will have to review and decide the outcome of the alleged grievance. Conclusion Ethics, influence, and the power involved in decision making all boil down to one thing when combined, and that is a code of ethics to follow. Without a written code of ethics the workforce will have no rules or regulations to follow.

ACHE Code of Ethics. ACHE Grievance Procedures retrieved on February 15, 2009 from

Manitoba Chiropractors’ Association Code of Ethics retrieved on February 15, 2009 from of ethics…...

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