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Step 1: Carry your 2 passports and a printout of the ticket (also called e-ticket).
Step 2: When you reach the airport put your handbag and check in bag on the trolley. You push one trolley and let mom push another trolley.
Step 3: The guard will check your e-ticket and passport and then let you inside the terminal .
Step 4: When you enter the airport, people will ask you to carry your bags, some will also ask you to wrap your bag with plastic foil, etc. Avoid them and continue pushing your own trolley towards United Counter.
Step 4: You need to scan your luggage in the X-ray machine. Put only your big bag on the x-ray counter and let your handbag remain on the trolley. Here the person in charge will put a safety-checked sticker on the luggage. After the bag has been screened through the belt pick it up and put it back on your trolley. Then go to United counter.

Step 5: Keep your passport, ticket and pen handy

Step 6: At the check-in counter hand over your passport and e-ticket.
• They may ask some basic questions to enter into the system, like what address in US are you
• They will then ask you to put the big bags one by one. They will weigh it and put a label on it. At this point ask them if they can check your hand bag too for free. If so get a label on that too. If they don’t check it carry your hand-bag and your purse with you. Make sure you take a security checked tag for each bag you have (V.Imp!!). It is needed for boarding later on. So if you are carrying with you 4 bags make sure you get 4 tags separately for each bag.
• Then you ask for any seat upgrade, request that you want to be upgraded to more legroom seats, see what they say
• Next ask about wheelchair assistance and where and when will it be available? See if you can get a wheelchair at the counter to take you through customs and security. I do not know how exactly this will work
• They will give you 4 white boarding passes total (1st one will be for MUM Newark and 2nd one will be from Newark  Indianapolis) for you and mom. These are now important and will be used from now on. In case you lose boarding pass, simply ask at the gate and they will issue a new one.
• Ask them what gate you have to go to and how to go there.
• Also they will give you barcodes for the labels they put on your big-bags. Keep these safely somewhere in your purse. In case your luggage is lost, we need these tags.
• Lastly they will give you two India Departure Embarkation Form (mostly green in color). I have filled two of these and attached in the email. Fill the information accordingly.

Step 7: Proceed to the immigration counter (follow signs saying immigration check/flights) either on wheelchair or on your own.

Step 8: At immigration line wait for an available officer. He will ask you for your passport, boarding passes and the filled Embarkation form. He might ask you some questions about your journey, visa, travel purpose etc. Answer them clearly. He will take the Embarkation form and stamp your passport. He will then return your 2 passports and 4 boarding passes. Make sure you count them properly.

Step 9: Move to the security line. In case you are not on a wheel chair request that you have leg problems and if you can bypass the line. Gents line will be separate and ladies line will be separate, so mom will go in the other line. At the security counter, you will have to put all your hand-bag and purses in the x-ray belt. Make sure you keep your passport and boarding passes in your hand. Meanwhile, you should go through the metal detector. A guard will check you personally. After the check, pick up your hand-bags and purses. Make sure they have been stamped for security clearance.

Step 10: Go down the escalator and check the departure gate on the tv. Then go there. At the departure gate see the flight number and destination. It should say (United flight to Newark). Wait till boarding is announced. When they start boarding, you can tell them you need special assistance and they will let you go in early with mom. They will scan your boarding passes and hand them to you. Then you move in the gate and may have to do another quick security check if asked. Go to your seat and relax.

In the flight they will serve you snacks, drinks. Then they will serve you dinner. If you need any assistance just ask any attendant. You can also press a button on top of your head for attendant. There will also be a a/c on top of your head. You can turn it off/on as you want. You will also be given headphones and have personal tv’s in the seat in front of you. The channels will be on your seat. Use arrows to move up/down. There will be a magazine with channel/movie information at end. You can use that to see whatever movies you want. If you don’t understand ask your neighbor or any attendant.

1-2 hours before you will reach Newark, the flight attendant will give you forms. Take 2 white I-94 form (one for you and other for mom) and one blue custom form (ONLY ONE for both of you). Fill out these as I have attached. Also ask attendant if someone with wheelchair will come to pick you once the plane lands.

Step 11: Once you land in Newark, wait for wheelchair to go to immigration counter. At immigration counter you should go in the “Non-US citizen line” Ask the officer if not sure. DON’T go in the “US citizen line”.

Hand the officer your I-94, mom’s I-94, passports. They will take your picture and take your fingerprint and maybe ask you 1-2 questions as to where you are going. The immigration officer will tear a portion of your I-94 and staple it to your passport (V.Imp)

Next you will see the baggages coming from your flight on the belt. Wait for your big-bags (and also hand-bags) to come. It is very important you wait for your bags at Newark because you will have to manually transfer it to domestic location! Once the bags come pick it up and then follow the signs saying custom. You will hand your custom form (the blue form you filled in the flight) and say you don’t have anything to declare. Then ask them where to drop your luggage for a connecting flight which is domestic.

Immediately after custom, they will instruct where to drop the luggage. Double-check that you drop your bag for the flight to Indianapolis!! This time only drop your big bags and not your hand-bags.

Then ask someone how to go to your next flight. Chances are you may have to go on a bus or train to a different terminal. Hopefully you will be on wheelchair so they will tell you what to do.

Borrow someone’s phone and call me at 317-674-5470.

Step 12: Boarding the 2nd flight to Indianapolis is similar. Go in early when boarding starts, since you need assistance.

(If the plane is small they may ask you to leave your hand bag at the gate of the flight. Get a tag and tear of the lower portion of the tag with the number. Keep this tag with you. When you go in the flight, just before entering the flight ask someone where to drop the bag. It will be done just before entering the flight at the gate. Once the plane lands and you come out wait near the gate itself to pick up your hand bag. It is important you wait there for your hand-bag).

Carry the hand-bag and follow the sign to the baggage claim. Wait for your big bags to come. Call me and I will come near the baggage area.…...

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