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As I walked into a classroom full of kids, I see a lot of activities going on. It looked organized and very clean. Each teacher had eight students. The bulletin board is where my eyes went to first. I think it’s a good idea to have a bulletin board, because it will make the class visually appealing to the students. On the left side of the classroom there was a Language Arts Center, where the teacher would read books to the kids, spell new words or help them make up words, and of course learn how to write. A good time to do this is early in the morning when the kids are awake and not tired, because their concentration is better than in the afternoon. It’s the time where the kids want to volunteer and express their ideas. Another section was labeled as the physical science, which it included oceans, astronomy, the earth, and hurricane. At this time the kids are going to learn about the planets, how the earth works and some of the important countries, and hurricanes and earthquakes and their causes. It will make it interesting for them so they will come up with questions and learn a lot from that. Than the section of history was labeled on the right. This will help kids learn about the different cultures, background, and where they come from. Around the wall were flags that represented each country the kids came from. I thought that was a really good idea because it helps kids understand that everyone is different in their own way, but in the end we are all people. Than as I looked around I see a section with different book in different languages. It was the languages center. That helps the kids learn different languages, especially in that age, that is so easy for them to understand and catch the languages. They read book and listened to different kind of music in different kind of languages, which I found very interesting. The last section was biology, the study of…...

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