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1. Introduction 2
1.1 Origin of the Report 2
1.2 Objectives 2
1.3 Methodology 2
1.4 Rationale of the Study 3
1.5 Scope 3
1.6 Limitations 3
2. Organizational Profile 4
2.1 GrameenPhone Corporate Governance 4
2.2 Shareholders 4
2.3 About Telenor 4
3. Corporate Social Responsibility 5
3.1 CSR at GrameenPhone 5
3.2 Community Information Center (Every opportunity counts) 6
3.3 CellBazar (Every enterprise counts ) 6
3.4 Healthcare (Every life counts) 6
3.5 Safe Motherhood and Infant Care Project 7
3.6 Education- In collaboration with Grameen Shikkha 7
3.7 First Online School in Bangladesh 7
3.8 Pilot project in Tongi 8
3.9 Helping Distress Community 8

3.10 Free Eye Camps (Every sight counts 8

3.11 Fight against HIV/AIDS (Every voice counts) 9
3.12 Cancer Management for the Poor (Every fight counts) 9
3.13 NID Awareness Campaign (Every drop counts) 9
3.14 Blood Bank (Every smile counts) 10
3.15 Skill Development Center (Every hand counts) 10
3.16 True Liberation War Stories (Every inspiration counts) 11
4. Conclusions and Recommendation 12
5. Bibliography 13

1. Introduction
1.1 Origin of the Report:
Term Paper report is a practical part of academic studies. This is a reflection of academic knowledge through practical work experience. Thus this Term Paper report aims to reflect the professional view of real world working environment.

This MBA program is the building up of the theoretical knowledge about business administration that is the base of practical knowledge. This Term Paper is an attempt to provide business students an orientation to a real life business situation in which we can observe and evaluate the use and applicability of the theoretical concepts which were taught in the classrooms.

1.2 Objectives:
Primary Objectives: ▪ To Present a Background and Introduction of GrameenPhone Ltd. ▪ To Focus on the Business and Operations of the Company. ▪ Identify the findings of analysis and recommend based on the findings. ▪ Identify the Corporate social Responsibility of GrameenPhone.

Secondary Objectives: ▪ To have Knowledge on GrameenPhone Ltd. ▪ To fulfill requirement of the Term Paper.

1.3 Methodology :
Type of Research :
The research focuses the customer services offered by GrameenPhone which has been recently improved to a better extent for gaining positive experience from our subscribers. This type of research basically covers : ▪ Company Information ▪ Analyzing the industry ▪ Products & Services ▪ Customer Service aspects by the company

Survey Methods :
The overall method of collecting data can be divided into two categories :

▪ Primary Data Collection ▪ Secondary Data Collection

For the purpose of the study data and information have been collected from both primary and secondary sources. The relevant information collected from primary sources is collected in an informal way. The secondary sources for data collection were published annual reports, monthly financial newsletters of GP and monthly newsletters of GrameenPhone Ltd.

1.4 Rationale of the Study :
This report aims at reflecting the real life working environment to the master’s students. This is very helpful as this helps to understand different aspects of a company. It also makes an introduction to professionalism that is vital in the working life. So, Term Paper can be visualized as a guideline for starting up job i.e. career life.

1.5 Scope :
The scope of the study is limited within telecommunication business in Bangladesh. It is also limited within the organization of Grameen Phone Ltd. and especially within corporate social Responsibility of the Company. Here I discuss with the topics related to the financial performance and Revenue of GrameenPhone.

1.6 Limitations : ▪ The company does not have sufficient source of secondary data and collecting of data was not smooth. ▪ Time was very short to collect huge data on CSR of Grameen phone.

2. Organization Profile

2.1 GrameenPhone Corporate Governance:
In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, vibrant and dynamic Corporate Governance practices are an essential ingredient to success. Grameenphone believes in the continued improvement of corporate governance. This in turn has led the Company to commit considerable resources and implement internationally accepted Corporate Standards in its day-to-day operations.

Being a public limited company, the Board of Directors of Grameenphone have a pivotal role to play in meeting all stakeholders’ interests. The Board of Directors and the Management Team of Grameenphone are committed to maintaining effective Corporate Governance through a culture of accountability, transparency, well-understood policies and procedures. The Board of Directors and the Management Team also persevere to maintain compliance of all laws of Bangladesh and all internally documented regulations, policies and procedures.

Grameenphone is a truly transparent company that operates at the highest levels of integrity and accountability on a global standard.

2.2 Shareholders :
The shareholders of Grameenphone contribute their unique, in-depth experience in both telecommunications and development.

The international shareholder brings technological and business management expertise while the local shareholder provides a presence throughout Bangladesh and a deep understanding of its economy. Both are dedicated to Bangladesh and its struggle for economic progress and have a deep commitment to Grameenphone and its mission to provide affordable telephony to the entire population of Bangladesh.

2.3 About Telenor :

Telenor is emerging as one of the fastest growing providers of mobile communications services worldwide with ownership interests in 12 mobile operators across Europe and Asia.

Telenor is organized into three business areas; Mobile operations covering 12 countries, and Fixed-line and Broadcast services covering the Nordic region.

Telenor holds 62 percent of Grameenphone, with Grameen Telecom Corporation owning the remaining 38 percent. Telenor has played a pioneering role in development of cellular communications in Bangladesh.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders. CSR is generally understood as being the way through which a company achieves a balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives (“Triple-Bottom-Line- Approach”), while at the same time addressing the expectations of shareholders and stakeholders. In this sense it is important to draw a distinction between CSR, which can be a strategic business management concept, and charity, sponsorships or philanthropy. Even though the latter can also make a valuable contribution to poverty reduction, will directly enhance the reputation of a company and strengthen its brand, the concept of CSR clearly goes beyond that.

Importance of CSR A strategic approach to CSR is increasingly important to a company's competitiveness. It can bring benefits in terms of risk management, cost savings, access to capital, customer relationships, human resource management, and innovation capacity. It also encourages more social and environmental responsibility from the corporate sector at a time when the crisis has damaged consumer confidence and the levels of trust in business.

• Through CSR, enterprises can significantly contribute to the European Union’s treaty objectives of sustainable development and a highly competitive social market economy. CSR underpins the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, including the 75% employment target. Responsible business conduct is especially important when private sector operators provide public services.

• CSR requires engagement with internal and external stakeholders so it enables enterprises to anticipate better and take advantage of fast-changing expectations in society as well as operating conditions. This means it can also act as a driver for the development of new markets and create real opportunities for growth.

• By addressing their social responsibility, enterprises can build long-term employee, consumer and citizen trusts a basis for sustainable business models. This in turn helps to create an environment in which enterprises can innovate and grow. The economic crisis and its social consequences have to some extent damaged levels of trust in business, and have focused public attention on the social and ethical performance of enterprises, including on issues such as bonuses and executive pay.

• Helping to mitigate the social effects of the crisis, including job losses, is part of the social responsibility of enterprises. In the longer term, CSR offers a set of values on which to build a more cohesive society and on which to base the transition to a sustainable economic system.

• By renewing efforts to promote CSR now, the Commission aims to create conditions favorable to sustainable growth, responsible business behavior and lasting job creation for the medium and long-term.

3.1 CSR at GrameenPhone :

At Grameenphone, we live by the statement "Development is a journey, not a destination." Our work is not just about ensuring connectivity; it is about connecting with people and building relationships, based on trust, with our subscribers, business partners, employees, shareholders, as well as the wider community. We have always believed that good development is good business. While we maintain our business focus, taking the nation forward remains our top priority. Thus our relationship with Bangladesh is built on a partnership which strives to achieve common economic and social goals.

We have consolidated our social investment initiatives in four core areas related to the Millennium Development Goals namely,

▪ Poverty alleviation ▪ Healthcare ▪ Empowerment ▪ Education.

Every step inspires us to move forward and takes us one step closer to our destination. Every step counts.

3.2 Community Information Center (Every opportunity counts):

The Grameenphone Community Information Center (CIC) is a shared premise where rural people may access a wide range of state of the art services such as Internet, voice communications, video conferencing and other information services.
It aims to bridge the “digital divide” by providing access to information-based services to under-served and underprivileged rural people, as well as to build local entrepreneurships and create employment opportunities for the unemployed youth.
Launch Date: February 2006

3.3 CellBazar (Every enterprise counts):

Limited communication has always been a hindrance for performing business, especially in developing countries. In Bangladesh, the isolated and uninformed farmers and traders have little bargaining power with exploitative middlemen.
Using Grameenphone CellBazaar, buyers and sellers are able to trade goods (e.g. rice, motorcycle, electronics, etc.) through their mobile phones, bringing the benefits of information exchange, community networking and one-to-many trading to a previously unwired rural population. It facilitates the system of trading, so that the traders can gather market information for smart and informed decision-making while staying at home and grow their business. CellBazaar simply connects and empowers.
Launch Date: July 2006
Project Milestone: • Over a million subscribers have accessed its service since its inception. • On an average, there are 600 new postings and 90,000 hits per day. • Received 3GSMA Global Mobile Award 2008 for “Best Use of Mobile for Social and Economic Development”. • Voted “Asian Telecom Innovation of the Year” in the Telecom Asia Awards 2008.

3.4 Healthcare (Every life counts):

Health is, indeed, our greatest capital. It fosters our potential and harnesses our abilities towards greater equality and prosperity. Without good health, the challenge of progress becomes one that is almost insurmountable. Thus “Health” is one of the key focus areas where Grameenphone has consolidated its social investments. We believe we should work together to create means through which we will not only assist in raising awareness but also take the available services door to door and reach the mass population of the country. For this, we are committed to work with the Bangladesh Government and development agencies to make every life count and are focused on improving basic service quality, developing infrastructure and ensuring access to healthcare for all.
To that end, we have undertaken a number of healthcare projects. Through USAID’s network of 318 Smiling Sun Clinics in 61 districts, we launched the “Grameenphone Safe Motherhood and Infant Care Project,” giving free and comprehensive safe motherhood and infant care services essentially to all economically disadvantaged mothers and their infants nationwide. We have also been conducting free eye-care camps in rural areas where people have little or no access to quality healthcare; carried out mass-media campaigns on National Immunization Days and to raise awareness and advocate for necessary policy reforms on HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh. We also sponsored the development and upkeep of five wards and one operation theatre at the under construction Dhaka Ahsania Mission Cancer and General Hospital. The Healthline project, a 24-hour Medical call center manned by licensed physicians, provides access to healthcare information through interactive teleconference.

3.5 Safe Motherhood and Infant Care Project-

Grameen phone Safe Motherhood & Infant Care Project is thus designed to ensure free, yet quality, safe motherhood and infant care services to poor mothers and their infants throughout the country. It also aims to assist in necessary infrastructure development and extension of basic healthcare services, especially in the hard-to-reach and remote areas.

3.6 Education- In collaboration with Grameen Shikkha:

An organization of the Grameen Bank family, Grameen phone provides scholarship to some 100 bright but underprivileged students at different academic levels through a scholarship fund annually. It also provides educational support to a number of special schools - Tauri Foundation, HANS, CDC, and SEID Trust – with an objective to aid in the learning process of the gifted children in our society. Grameen phone is also a proud partner of the Enrichment Program of Bishsho Shahitto Kendro through which free books are distributed. It recently initiated a CSR project to publish and distribute illustrated publications on the Liberation War for school-going children, with the objective to inspire them with the heroics of our freedom-fighters.

| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
|3.7 First Online School in Bangladesh |

The concept of "Online School" is very simple. The idea of this Online School is that the teacher conducts class from a distant location using video conferencing technology and at the local level there are Moderators who help the teacher in operational issues. These moderators are from the local community and have no teaching background.

The quality of education in Bangladesh suffers largely due to the shortage of schools and the scarcity of teachers, particularly in rural areas. Grameen phone, a socially responsible company, wanted to find a way to contribute to the growth of the education sector. The result is a concept called "Online School".

The concept of online school is indeed groundbreaking. If this can be successfully put into operation in Bangladesh, not only will the quality of education improve but also it will help to take a step forward towards Digital Bangladesh.

3.8 Pilot project in Tongi :

The country's first online school supported by Grameenphone (in partnership with JAAGO Foundation) was launched last December in Tongi, located outside of Dhaka. This project is still in the pilot phase, but given its successful implementation, the online school has the potential to ensure high quality education in rural areas. The school started with elementary class with 76 students in two sections. In 2013-2014 academic years, we plan to launch at least three more schools and include 160 more students.

3.9 Helping Distress Community

Helping and caring for the community is an essential component of Grameen phone's Corporate Social Responsibility. Thus, since inception, in different critical situations Grameen phone extended helping hands to the distress community of Bangladesh. In Aila and SIDR after Grameen Phone given their helping hand for victims and before any distress they take precaution for any types of distress. Grameen phone also take step for earth quake precaution.

3.10 Free Eye Camps (Every sight counts):

Bangladesh has the highest number of blind people in terms of its population. There are about 750,000 adults and 40,000 children, who live blind due to cataract or other ocular diseases that could have easily been cured with timely and proper intervention. The major challenge in eliminating blindness in Bangladesh is reaching the rural and underserved population as the majority of country’s eye-care facilities are based in the big cities. 80 percent of Bangladeshis living in rural areas are almost completely deprived of all eye-care services. Bangladesh is a signatory of the VISION 2020: Right to Sight, a global initiative jointly launched in 1999 by WHO and IAPB to eradicate blindness from the world by the year 2020. Hence, with a mission to combat blindness, Grameenphone, in partnership with Sightsavers International, organizes free eye-care camps in different parts of the country where eye-care services are not readily available. Launch Date: July 2007. Grameenphone, jointly with Sightsavers International, organizes the eye camps and pro-vides associated actual cost for organizing the camps and also provides surgery costs which includes transportation and follow-up visit cost of patients. 12 eye camps have been conducted in different parts of Bangladesh.

3.11 Fight against HIV/AIDS (Every voice counts):

With a prevalence rate of less than 1%, HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh may not look like a major threat. However, with a population of nearly 150 million, a mere 1% rise would mean an addition of more than a million victims to the numbers. According to a 2004 UN study, HIV infections have tripled globally in the last six years. UNAIDS estimated that 13,000 adults and children were living with HIV at the end of 2002 in Bangladesh. Grameenphone is committed to work closely with Bangladesh Government and concerned development agencies to achieve that target, with the aim to raise awareness and advocate for necessary policy reforms on HIV/AIDS through different communication channels. Launch Date: September 2007 How it Works: Grameenphone, jointly works with UNAIDS, an initiative of the United Nations which brings together the efforts and resources of ten UN agencies i.e. UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, UNFPA, UNODC, ILO, UNESCO, WHO, and the World Bank, to help prevent new HIV infections, care for those already infected, and mitigate the impact of the epidemic. This partnership works through the Asia Pacific Leadership Forum (APLF) with the aim to create an enabling environment in support of policy actions on HIV and AIDS. → Sponsored the screening of a Telefilm titled UTSHO (The Source) to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS issue. → Internal awareness sessions were organized for GP employees. → Awareness sessions in various university campuses will be held in the near future.

3.12 Cancer Management for the Poor (Every fight counts):

Grameenphone is proud to be a part of the initiative to ensure cancer treatment for the disadvantaged people of the country. Grameenphone sponsors the complete development and upkeep of five wards and an Operation Theatre (OT) at the Dhaka Ahsania Mission Cancer and General Hospital. One third of the beds sponsored by GP will be reserved for more economically-disadvantaged patients who will receive free admission and full treatment. Other disadvantaged patients screened will also receive treatment, which will be significantly subsidized by Grameenphone. Grameenphone also works closely with Dhaka Ahsania Mission towards technical capacity building for cancer management.

3.13 NID Awareness Campaign (Every drop counts):

Since 2006, no new cases of polio have been reported in Bangladesh. There is strong reason to believe that the disease can be completely eradicated from the country if all children in Bangladesh can be brought within the Immunization program. However, almost one-third of Bangladeshi children still do not receive the seven essential vaccines required for immunization within their first year of life under the routine Expanded Program of Immunization, and while a large cohort of children remain unvaccinated, we have little hope of eliminating potentially deadly diseases as polio. Grameenphone, along with the Government and the WHO, was a proud partner of the mass awareness campaign during the NIDs in March, April and October 2007. The main objective of this unique campaign was to raise awareness on immunization and help the Government of Bangladesh to eradicate polio from the country. Launch Date: March 2007. How it Works: As part of the campaign, radio and newspaper announcements urged parents to bring their children to vaccination centers across the country, free SMS alerts were send to all Grameenphone subscribers, and the occasion was specially promoted at the Japan-Bangladesh Friendship Hospital, a ThankYou partner of Grameenphone. As a result, 98.7% (as per independent observers’ checklist) of the targeted children were covered during those NIDs.

3.14 Blood Bank at Rafatullah Community Hospital (Every smile counts):

Safe blood transfusion is one of the most important pre-conditions for health safety. Launch Date: August 2008 How it Works: Grameenphone provided the financial assistance to set up the blood bank at the hospital, which will ensure adequate resources required for safe and hygienic blood transfusion for every patient requiring blood at RCH, especially the underprivileged. Grameenphone also aims to create awareness among the mass for voluntary blood donation through this project. Project Milestone: → Funding for necessary construction had been duly facilitated. → The blood bank has become fully operational since August 2008.

3.15 Skill Development Center (Every hand counts):

There is no denying the fact that, drug addiction has become a growing phenomenon globally. Bangladesh, as a part of the global village, is affected by it with an estimated 2 million drug users, including women and children Drug rehabilitation centers play a significant role in this fight towards a drug-free society, as they are aimed at helping people get over their dependency on drugs and arming them with the techniques and willpower to ensure they stay drug-free. Therefore Grameenphone formed a CSR partnership with Ashokti Punorbshon Nibash (APON), to support rehabilitation of economically disadvantaged drug addicts. Launch Date: September 2007 How it Works: Through this partnership, Grameenphone provided financial support for the construction of a skill development center at APONGaon to assist in the rehabilitation and social integration process of these lost souls. → The skill development center and the computerized information center have started providing services since December 2008.

3.16 True Liberation War Stories (Every inspiration counts): The Liberation War is the central component of Bangladesh’s history. It symbolizes the glorious sacrifice of our heroes for the independence of our country. Thus, Grameenphone, in partnership with Centre for Bangladesh Liberation War Studies, sponsors the publication and free distribution of a series of illustrated books on Liberation War. The stories in these publications are based on true events of the heroics of our freedom fighters, essentially during frontal battles fought in the battle-fields of Bangladesh. Launch Date: July 2007 How it Works: The series consists of a total of six books. The targeted beneficiaries are school children, from class IV to class VIII, who will be provided with copies free of cost. The aim of these books is to familiarize children with the country’s Liberation War of 1971, and, in the process, create a sense of love and pride in them for their motherland. The books will be distributed in all six divisions of the country. → Distribution process initiated of a total number of 20,000 copies.

4. Conclusion and Recommendation

As a corporate rule, in order to achieve the business objective of the company, individual divisions should have their own objectives to support this. The divisional objectives are far different compared to each other, according to their nature of job and functional role. No doubt it is a great big teamwork which makes the business objective happens. And considering GP’s success we can confidently say that we have such a winning team to be proud of.

Corporate social responsibility, as we see it, is a ‘complementary' combination of ethical and responsible corporate behavior, as well as a commitment towards generating greater good for the society by addressing the development needs of the country.

Above all Grameen Phone should extension the activities of Corporate Social Responsibility are following:-

▪ GP can create awareness among the people to control over population through SMS. ▪ Among the young generation GP do awareness through the SMS by writing the demerits of drug. ▪ GP can create awareness among the people against corporation.


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...Razzaque ID # 1997-1-10-035 September 8, 2002 School of Business East West University September 8, 2002 To Professor Abdul Mannan Project Coordinator East West University 45-46, & 53 Mohakhali Dhaka – 1212 Sub: Submission of the Project Report on GrameenPhone Customer satisfaction. Dear Sir: With great pleasure I Hussain Md. Abdur Razzaque am submitting the project report on “GrameenPhone Customer Satisfaction” as a requirement of graduation for BBA for the BUS-498 course. I was encouraged and enthusiastic to go through the GrameenPhone office and as well as the Grameen Bank head office at Mirpur for collecting the detailed information of the origin and history of Grameen. I have also collected information from other primary and secondary sources. The findings are based on the primary data, personal interview, annual reports, newsletters, books, journals etc. I have considered your guideline very carefully and analyzed the project according to your instructions. Also I have tried to collect the background, organizational operations, mission statement & objectives, and do SWOT analysis etc about the customer satisfaction of GrameenPhone as much as possible I could. According to the requirement of the project I have written Findings, Analysis, Response to the customers of GrameenPhone, problems they have face and also facing, and their necessity steps taken to resolve them. I believe that, within my limited knowledge this project report provides...

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Gps Case

... TABLE OF CONTENT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY………………………………………………………………………………………………………….2 FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS……………………………………………………………………………………………………………3 MISSION STATEMENT……………………………………………………………………………………………………………4 COMPANY BACKGROUND…………………………………………………………………………………………………….4 COMPETITOR ANALYSIS………………………………………………………………………………………………………..4 DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCTS/SERVICES…………………………………………………………………………………4 PRICING………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..8 BUSINESS STRATEGY…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….9 MARKETING STRATEGY…………………………………………………………………………………………………………9 KEY PEOPLE-OWNERS AND MANAGERS………………………………………………………………………………10 FINANCIAL FORECAST…………………………………………………………………………………………………………10 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Lamplight Company is an upcoming security equipment and service provider in Nigeria. Lamplight has high technology equipment, and products (GPS tracking systems and panic button) that will enhance the security and safety movement of resources across the country to a whole new level. Lamplight will quickly establish itself as the first provider of such products and services in the country and will acquire a licence that allows only lamplight to be a provider of these security services in the country. Lamplight will be introducing two products, GPS tracking systems and the panic button, as stated earlier. Lamplight will target the transportation and security companies and individuals. GPS tracking systems......

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...(8) WeeksPrerequisite(s): None |   Table of Contents |   | Evaluation Procedures | Course Description | Grading Scale | Course Scope | Course Outline | Course Objectives | Policies | Course Delivery Method | Academic Services | Course Materials | Selected Bibliography |                                                                                                                                                                                Table of Contents Course Description (Catalog) |   This course examines a diverse sample of social problems facing the United States today, and it identifies how these problems affect and are affected by our institutions and culture. The sociological perspective and key theories will be used to understand the beginnings of the civil society, how problems develop and are defined, and the role of social change (particularly contemporary technological innovation). Key social problems covered will include social stratification/inequality, crime, drug abuse, prostitution, aging, infectious disease, family violence, health care, racial/ethnic conflict, terrorism, etc. Sociological research on social problems will be explored, and social policies to remedy the negative consequences of these issues on society will be discussed.                                                                                                                                  Table of Contents   Course Scope |   This 8-week......

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...with unexplained chest pain Aim. The aim was to describe patients’ experience of unexplained chest pain, and how the pain affected their everyday life. Background. Chest pain is one of the most common reasons for patients to consult the emergency department. Often no clear ischaemic heart disease or any other somatic explanation is found. Exploring the pain experience and how the pain affects everyday life may provide insights into the patients’ perspective, fill the gaps in our knowledge about this condition and give needed direction for nursing practice. Method. The study sample (n ¼ 19) included 11 men and eight women admitted to the emergency department. An open-ended unstructured interview was conducted with each patient and the data were analysed using content analysis. Results. The categories concerning pain include the informants’ descriptions of several aspects of pain. These aspects are described in four categories and four subcategories: (i) pain location, (ii) pain duration with the subcategories ‘periodic pain’ and ‘continuous pain’, (iii) pain intensity, (iv) quality of pain with the subcategories ‘sensory aspects’ and ‘affective aspects’ . The content of pain experience in everyday life was divided into four subthemes and was further abstracted into a theme. Four subthemes, each comprising several meaning units, were created and labelled: (i) fear and anxiety, (ii) feeling of uncertainty, (iii) feeling of stress, and (iv) loss of strength. In......

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Gps Navigated Car

...Final Report EE 3331-002 Project 2 GPS Guided Vehicle By: Yasser Khan December 10th 2004   Instructor: Dr. Andreas Neuber Advisor: Dr. Jon G. Bredeson Team Member(s): Travis Vollmer Justin Griffin Abstract This paper illustrates the implementation of an autonomous robot that navigates around the TTU R4 parking lot using the guidance of a GPS sensor. Choosing of this robot will be discussed, as well as the different components needed to make such a project possible. The GPS sensor is manufactured by GARMIN and its accuracy will be evaluated in this report. The Texas Instrument microcontroller MSP430F149 will receive GPS data from the sensor and run well assembled software to evaluate and control the motor controller which controls the motors. The microcontroller will control movements of the chosen robot and do actions such as move straight and turn a number of different degrees. Table of Contents Table of Contents…………………………………………………………………2 Introduction……………………………………………………………………….3 Researching GPS………………………………………………………………….3 GPS statistics…………….………………………………………………………..6 Block Diagram…………………………………………………………………...10 Texas Instruments MSP430 Microcontroller………………………………….10 DC Motor and Futaba Servo……………………………………………………13 Voltage Regulators & Transceiver……………………………………………..14 Motor Controller………………………………………………………………...16 Power......

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...SRAAC-GPS Aniruddhasayali,siddhesh 24-03-2014 Smart Run-off Accident Avoidance Using Co-ordinates from GPS SRAAC-GPS ANIRUDDHA SAYALI SIDDHESH A thesis presented for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Department of Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering Finolex Academy Of Management And Technology Ratnagiri, Maharashtra Date ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We hereby acknowledge those who have imparted their valuable time, energy, intellect and efforts for the timely completion of our project Smart Runoff Accident Avoidance using Coordinates from GPS (SRAAC-GPS). We express our sincere gratitude towards our guide Prof.S.R.Nalage , whose systematic and positive approach towards the progress of this project throughout the year has led to its successful and timely completion. We would like to thank him for his valuable suggestions and the efforts he has taken for the same. We are also grateful to Prof.G.S.Kulkarni (Head of the Department, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering) for allowing us to use all the available facilities in the department necessary for the project. We would also like to thank all the faculty members and staff for extending their helping hand whenever needed. We are indebted to laboratory supervisors Mr. Pardule and Mr. Biradar for their immense help in the project work. Last but not the least, we are grateful to all our colleagues and friends for their constant support, constructive criticism and encouragement 1.......

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Gp Offer

...largest mobile phone company in the country. Grameenphone widely abbreviated as GP. GP is available for PREPAID & POSTPAID customers For both customers GP gives various offers. For Prepaid customer they often offer some Recharge Offer. CUSTOMER PROFILE Demographic | Age: 15 and aboveGender: Female & Male Occupation : General (Venerable, Middle age & Young )Income : 5000 & above | Geographic | Location: Urban, Sub-Urban and ruralArea: All over the Bangladesh | Psychographic | Preference: QualityAttitude: Both positive and negativePerception: Trusted Brand, Reliable, ConvenientLifestyle: Modern, Busy and Independent Lifestyle |      IMPLICATION OF IMC TOOLS Advertisement:  1. PRINT AD : To abide by the IMC of GP Recharge Offer there are some Print ad, TVC and Banner ad to capture the target market. 2. PUBLIC RELATION : By doing various Campaign of Recharge Offer GP tries to get closer to it's   target market. GP give free Internet on the basis of recharging a particular amount in an inactive SIM, so that they can get back its old user.  3. DIRECT MARKETING : GP Recharge Offer also reach it's target market by using direct marketing through facebook page. Reviews The IMC strategy was very much effective of Recharge Offer. The reviews of the Customers can be found in the facebook page of Grameenphone. CENTRAL VIEW OF THE CAMPAIGN  According to my review, the IMC strategy of GP Recharge Offer is a low involvement product, and the abiding of......

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...Content Environmental turbulence refers to the amount of change and complexity in the environment of a company. The level of environment turbulence is affect by the amount of change in environmental factors, such as physical, cultural, demographic, economic, political, technology, governmental regulations and etc. The company which can perform a high performance even in a high turbulence environment will be success in the market. The AirAsia Berhad is successfully had a high performance in the previous turbulence environment it faced. Now, the AirAsia Berhad had become the leader in the lowest cost carrier in the airplane industry. Cost Leadership Strategy Datuk Tony Fernandez as CEO of AirAsia Berhad said his philosophy is very clear: before a business can grow, it needs to have its costs under control. It must be cost-efficient and profitable, and it must create value. Costs that do not add value must be contained, reduced and even eliminated. It means that AirAsia can be growing in the airline business if they can control their cost. The cost that they have to running there must be efficient and reliable. Everything that can make inefficiencies must be reduced and possibly to eliminate. AirAsia can be possibly competing with other airplane industries if they can make efficiencies to reduce cost and make the low possible fare than other airplane industries. Alignment with what Datuk Tony Fernandez said AirAsia business strategy was centered on cost leadership......

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