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Google Apps Business Plan

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|This paper serves as a business plan prepared for Qualitynet for the introduction of Google |
|Enterprise services in the State of Kuwait. |
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|April 21, 2010 |
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CLOUD COMPUTING AND BENEFITS ………………………… 4 What’s in the Cloud for the Customers ………………………… 5 What’s in the Cloud for Us? ………………………… 5



SALES AND MARKETING STRATEGIES ………………………… 8 Marketing Strategy ………………………… 8 Sales Strategy ………………………… 10

FINANCIAL STRATEGY ………………………… 11 Sources of Income ………………………… 11 Revenues and Costs ………………………… 11 Income Statement – 2Yr Quarterly Plan ………………………… 13 Financial Forecast – 5Yr Plan ………………………… 14

OPERATIONS STRATEGY ………………………… 15 GAARP ………………………… 15

APPENDIX “A” ………………………… 17

APPENDIX “B” ………………………… 18

APPENDIX “C” ………………………… 19

BIBLIOGRAPHY ………………………… 20


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