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1,type:Tesco is one of Britain's leading food retailers, with 519 stores throughout England, Scotland and Wales. There are also 105 stores in France operated by Catteau, and 44 in Hungary operated by Global. Tesco is committed to:

• offering customers the best value for money and the most competitive prices

• meeting the needs of customers by constantly seeking, and acting on, their opinions regarding innovation, product quality, choice, store facilities and service

• providing shareholders with progressive returns on their investmentimproving profitability through investment in efficient stores and distribution depots, in productivity improvements and in new technology

• developing the talents of its people through sound management and training practices, while rewarding them fairly with equal opportunities for all

• working closely with suppliers to build long term business relationships based on strict quality and price criteria

• participating in the formulation of national food industry policies on key issues such as health, nutrition, hygiene, safety and animal welfare

• supporting the well-being of the community and the protection of the environment

二,aim:Tesco's core aim is to create value for customers in order to remain loyal to this brand. This can be achieved through the employees and customers. In every country, Tesco tries to understand their needs and to act responsibly in each community. Each country that Tesco operates has a community plan and based in four important subjects: climate change, local communities, responsible sourcing and healthy nutrition. For example in UK, Tesco gives more attention now in green policy but, in China, in buying power in accordance with trust and loyalty of consumers in Tesco products. In all operations of Tesco, its employees possess an exceptional position.

Tescos main aims and…...

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