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ist the key characteristics of bureaucracy. What was it about bureaucracy that Max Weber saw as positive? What did he see as negative?

Society, according to Macionis (2008), has in it certain special forces that shape up the human society. It is these same forces which determine the distinct individual difference innate in every human being. Macionis goes ahead to further mention that the social perspective, a key fulcrum of sociology, reveals in human beings, aspects of our social lives that we would typically not claim to be obvious, rather the work of social forces (Macionis, 2008). According to Macionis (2008) viewing the world sociologically means that we as human beings, question assumptions about society. However, in so doing, do we lose any sense of personal responsibility for our actions? Is this dangerous? While it might be true that society actually influences our individual actions, on a more personal level, it is unfounded to claim that society is responsible for those very actions. The key word would be “choices”, and it is a common understanding that while we as humans are born into the same society, we posses equal freewill to enable us make independent decisions. As such, the sociological perspective, if used correctly, would more often than not point to the capacity of human beings to assess both constraints and opportunities innate in their lives. It is therefore, dangerous to absorb this perspective fanatically because if we credited society for every fortune or misfortune we had, then we would have failed to recognize human variety, and in effect, challenge the obscurity of existing in a diverse and complex…...

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