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Friar Tucker

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Successful project planning requires a solid method of providing project teams guidelines to answer six questions: what, how, why, when, where, and who. The purpose of this paper is to answer these questions by providing an implementation plan for Friar Tucker International (FTI) in its pursuit to develop the Galleria project using White Beach as the construction vendor.
The implementation plan starts with understanding FTI’s strategy. For any project to be successful, “every project should have a clear link to the organization’s strategy” (Gray & Larson, 2006, p. 21). Once the project is aligned to the overall strategic plan, specific information, such as what action is necessary, how long should it take, and who is responsible will be addressed. As with any plan, issues of potential shortfalls, risk factors, and consequences for the plan will arise. This plan will address these issues. Once the implementation planning process is underway at FTI, a system will be in place to monitor the success or failure of the implementation process. Overall, following and understanding the implementation plan for FTI will ensure the success of the Galleria project.
Friar Tucker International (FTI) is a hospitality services chain that manages 35 entertainment and cuisine establishments: ranging from restaurants, sports entertainment and hotel chains (University of Phoenix, 2009). The hospitality services chain manages over 1,200 individuals and generates revenue in excess of $300 million (University of Phoenix, 2009).
With FTI’s diverse portfolio of establishments, some of its clients are proposing new projects that do not link with its strategic objectives (University of Phoenix, 2009). Due to the many projects that are proposed, a Project Selection Committee (PSC) was set up to identify the type of projects the company should consider and “choose projects that align with…...

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