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172 bis rue du Faubourg St-Antoine, 75012 Paris

I have been managing Internet projects for over 10 years in luxury market and media industry.
With broad experience in all aspects of digital related expertises : online Branding, e-commerce, digital marketing, eCRM, online advertising



Mission :
Responsible for leading global interactive marketing activities at international level

• Define and implement the digital strategy framework • Imagine, build and manage innovative online marketing approaches • Spearhead online media strategy and eCRM programs: email marketing, online advertising campaigns, social influence operations, search marketing, search engine optimization • Set and drive deployment of e-commerce platform in Japan • Support retailers in building their online branding presence in coherence with Cartier image • Manage a 3-project-manager team and a network of digital experts and agencies


Mission :
Conception of the new Cartier Website and management of global Internet projects

• Define positioning and functional requirements in regard with the international strategy • Lead the new creative concept development and deployment of new architecture in 12 countries • Coordination of marketing teams and external partners network ( Web agencies, SEO, CDN) • Management and operational follow-up : catalogue & content management, mini-websites,…...

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