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Examination of the Mouth and Other Relevant Structures

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A thorough case history and clinical examination are mandatory on the child’s first visit to the dentist and at the start of every new treatment period.

KNOW YOUR PATIENT * Who is taking care of the child? * Who is with him today? * Is the child attending school? * Who referred the patient? * Where does the child live? * Important factors to be addressed during the child’s initial dental visit (3-6) * Limited existing health history * No clinical baseline data * Behavioral unknowns * A primary dental occlusion with limited predictive value * Preventive needs that must be assessed
A thorough case history and clinical examination of the child patient is important in order to: * Establish good contact with and knowledge of the child and parent * Decide on prescriptions of radiographic and laboratory examinations * Identify possible signs of general conditions and diseases * Arrive at a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan
Case history in children, especially young children has to be taken through another person, the parent.
This has 2 important implications: 1. The information obtained from the accompanying person may not necessarily reflect the situation of the child. 2. The dentist may tend to forget to communicate with the child, which occasionally leads the child to feel that he is being neglected by the dentist.

CASE HISTORY * Important elements of Case History: 1. Personal Data 2. Present Complaint/s 3. Family History * Occupation of parents * Number of siblings * Attendance in school 4. General Medical History * Pregnancy * Delivery * Neonatal period * Child’s health during first year of life * Childhood diseases and previous medical treatment * Heat…...

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