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March 25,2013 Ethnic History Paper Diverse Population Dr. Gutierrez "My Ethnicity"

When I hear" Las Chivas Ralladas del Guadalajara", I can't help but think about my culture . My father was born in raised in Guadalajara Jalisco, MX. At a very young age his family migrated to the border town of Piedras Negras, Coahuila , Mexico. They settled in our border town in the late 60's and begin what is our family tradition and family owned restaurant . Rinconcito Tapatios is a restaurant that was established by my grandfather and grandmother. This restaurant serves the traditional food from Guadalajara, Mexico. Currently there is another sister restaurant here in Eagle Pass, Texas called Antojitos Tapatios. This mexican food is my addiction. Sopes, Posole, tostadas, quesadillas, act… Ever since I can recollect I remember growing up around "Antojitos Tapatios", the typical mexican food that I definitely adored and that is the cause of my fluffiness. I just love the taste of this food. My children love this food, even though I know is not healthy it is something that we grew up with and my children will grow up to know. My father grew up in a very tight family. My mother family has been united for the most part but I can't say it was a strong a bond as my fathers side of the family. That does not mean I loved one side more than the other, even though I did loved spending my weekends on my maternal grandmothers side as I grew up, now as an adult when I think about my background, culture , likes and dislikes, I can't help but brining memories from my fathers side out. They are the typical mexican family, hardcore catholics. Always attending church on Sundays and trying to keep the family as united as possible. As a child I took for granted the fact that my father wanted to expose us to the richness of Mexican culture. Up until 1985 I got to experience what some of my friends did not. I have been to every single tropical beach in Mexico. I

visited all the most important places in Mexico that were rich in the culture that beautiful state has. Sadly that was so long ago that I can hardly remember. Every other year we spend Christmas in Guadalajara. We did the traditional celebration of the birth of Jesus. Back then I celebrated more the birth of Jesus on December 25 & "El Dia de Los Reyes " , sure we had many gift on Christmas Eve but our focus was more of the religious type. Then it seemed boring and not necessary. Now I wish I had that foundation with my own children. There are so many things I have taken for granted that now at the are of 39 I fully understand why so many things were done a certain way . I consider my self to be a catholic because I was born one, I would never change my religion based on what my parents though me and my sisters and brother. However I don't attend mass , I plan to but never have the time to do it. I feel guilty that my children have not been brought up with the same traditional values as I did. Thankfully I have been blessed with good , caring and lovable children. Today I have been married for the last 20 years with my high school sweetheart . I have four children. A almost 21 year old, twins that are 16, and my youngest that is 8. My marriage has been a struggle since the beginning. I became pregnant during my senior year if high school. I have not once regretted going thru with my pregnancy, but I wished I had been motivated to continue with my education. This is where it gets confusing and interesting, or at least there is where my confusion starts. Deep inside I am a very insecure person. I don't know why or what made this happen to me. I was born with a birth defect that is not visible to the naked eye, but recently is has been getting worst that some people are starting to notice. That has never stopped me from achieving my goals. I guess I have a strong front for a lot of things but I have trouble in other areas of my life . I have always been insecure about my scars , the fact I can not run because my leg is getting weaker and my health is deteriorating. The upbringing of never giving up that my father exposed us , is what I think has giving me the courage to go thru life. Now , with all of that you would think I was very closed to my parents, but I

am not. My parents have been there for me all the time, since I was born they had to go thru airship because of my medical issues and I will always be there when they mist need me. However I am not as close to them as I hope for. I hardly visit them and I concentrate my energy to my children and my marriage. Why I sometimes ask myself I all I ever saw from them was the exact opposite. My parents visited my grandparents religiously. That is something I struggle day in and day out. I don't know if I will ever find what truly makes me happy. I am content with who I am and what I have achieved yet I think that the lack of happiness is what prevents me from being close with my parents.…...

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