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Essay: Why Do Some Women Stay with Their Violent Men / Husbands?

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Unfortunately, despite of the development of science and society, this phenomenon is actual in ours day. This is very sad, because the most of them are keeping on the consent of both partners. For understand “Why such a relationship existent?” we need to understand what motivates and background have partners?
There are some reasons or conditions, which hold such relationship and their prospects: 1. “If you don´t love yourself, nobody will love you too”. Exceptions are parents and children. If a woman has self- depreciation, she gets that she waits. She chooses a partner unconsciously. She's afraid to be alone - "bad, but mine" - this is a motto of these women. Husband will treat with her accordingly: humiliate, beat, and cheat, and so on. He knows, that she will forgive and bear it and she doesn’t´ t require or expect so much. Such a relationship it can last a long time, unless the woman does not meet a man, who will prove her, through his love, that she is beautiful and worthy of love and good relations. Such miracles happen, but rarely. In the other way that woman understands that something is wrong and breaks the relationship, but it required a lot of work from her, getting rid of complexes (inferiority, victim, etc.). Psychologists help will be very useful here. 2. In all works of literature and film extolling the relationship between a man and a woman. Worthy of attention, especially those relationships where there is a big passion. But, as we know, the real passion lasts only 1-3 months, when due to raging hormones, we cannot adequately appraise the partner. When this ability is return, there begin a period of quarrels and clarify of the relationship.
In the best case is that the partner can be not only a lover, but also can be a good friend, have common interests, similar characters, world views, and so on. Another variant is that partners are aware that are incompatible with each other and diverge.
The worse possible variant, if there is nothing of the above items present, but there is a lot of passion or desire to have love, such as in a movie. The couple lives like on a volcano. Constant quarrels alternate with stormy reconciliation, the duration depends on partner’s characters and their temperaments. If both partners don´t like peace and rest, so this couple can happily exist for many years. Aware of, that we don´t want to miss the chance to have a happy and long relationship. It´s necessary take a practical and cold view of the situation.” Love-passion” is certainly beautiful, but in my opinion, “Love – friendship” is much more beautiful, because it develops and flourishes long time, giving opportunities for personal growth partners.…...

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