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Environmental Awareness

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Change is nature. It’s a part that we can definitely influence. Hence, how emphatically does change become a vital force for the progress we’ve been yearning for?
Let’s fathom on this quotation from Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian nationalist leader known to have brought change in his country by leading the struggle for Indian independence from Great Britain, “be the change you want to see in the world!”
Let’s assume that you’re half way through your nursing process, scanning a pile of nursing books. Scarcely slept, when out of the blue, you felt a need to loosen up a bit; you closed your eyes and inadvertently fell asleep in the midst of the hassle to finish your nursing process.
Three hours later, you woke up realizing that you’re literally running out of time. No nursing care plans, blank drug study forms, textbook discussion was unfinished, and your journal reading was not done yet, books and papers scattered everywhere, apprehending you of the unfinished responsibilities. Though unfortunate it has been, if only you were that determined and suppressed the urge to sleep, you could have certainly managed to wrap up your work even hours before daybreak.
Determination is indeed an element of change. It gives us the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before us. True enough, though disheartened by which seemed to be an inconvenience, willpower will flicker a ray of hope that one way or another, we could become triumphant from the many adversities we might encounter.
With the unrelenting pursuit of our goals, commitment is vital. We commit because we opted to. Usually, when we falter, we concede. That won’t make any good. Commitment now becomes a significant factor for change.
I remember briefly when a friend struggled with nursing and thought of shifting into another degree. I myself forced her not to. Upset by her decision, we tried to help…...

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