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Immediate Nutrition Concerns that India needs to address

Awareness at all levels (policy makers, planners, professionals and people in general), and
Access for every individual, at Affordable cost to balanced diet, safe environment and drinking water (to ensure Absorption), and preventive and curative health care.

Agriculture has to be nutrition oriented. Nutrition should be an important component of professional and school education. All government policies, missions and programmes concerned with food production and processing, food and nutrient supplementation, sanitation, drinking water and health should have nutrition improvement as an output criterion. Attention to female health and empowerment, appropriate infant and child feeding practices, and prevention of micronutrient deficiencies among others can yield results in short time.

India needs a Nutrition Security Act to operationalise the currently sleeping Nutrition Security
Mission and Nutrition Policy. Food Security Act will not eliminate malnutrition. There should be convergence between the programmes of different ministries and departments which can directly or indirectly influence nutrition security. Good governance and underpinning of science and technology will give maximum mileage out of the current efforts.

While government may be able to tackle generic issues, solutions for individual problems, often come from within the community. NGOs private sector and community can all play a role, in creating an enabling environment.

Nutrition Security implies physical, economic and social access to balanced diet, clean drinking water, safe environment, and health care (preventive and curative) for every individual.
Education and awareness are needed to utilise these services. Thus malnutrition has a complex aetiology and its prevention requires Awareness, and Access at Affordable…...

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