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E-Trading and Stock Market in Bangladesh: Problems, Prospects and Way Forward

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The samples of the study consist of 100 respondents of different categories namely, brokers, clients, and e-service providers. The survey was conducted based on structured questionnaire.
Non-probability respondents have been studied by selecting persons who do the stock trading.
People, who are not involved in the trading, were not interviewed. Under the constraints of time and money samples were selected for Dhaka city only.
4.2 Data collection and procedure
The data were collected from two sources: (a) Primary sources – it includes well-structured questionnaire, personal interview and observation, and (b) Secondary sources – it includes annual reports, published and unpublished articles, books, websites, newspaper etc.
4.3 Data analysis and presentation
After collection of data from the different areas, those were summarized and presented in a tabular form to make the study more analytical, informative and representative to the reader using
SPSS. In this study both parametric and non-parametric statistical tools were used to interpret and present data.
5. Discussion
5.1 Electronic broking
Electronic broking is actually a prerequisite for complete implementation of e-Trading. An electronic market is an attempt to use information and communication technologies to provide geographically dispersed traders with the information necessary for the fair operation of the market (Whitely, 2000). The electronic market (or simply, e-market) is, in effect, a brokering service to bring together suppliers and customers in a specific market segment. These markets give the customer (or customer’s intermediary) easy access to comparative data on prices, and other attributes of the goods or services on offer. An electronic broker (Chan, et al., 2001) is an intermediary who:…...

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