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Discuss the role of market research in Divya Bhaskar success in Gujarat? Do you think the research findings helped it in becoming the number one newspaper?

Divya Bhaskar, before its launch group conducted a large consumer survey with individuals & focus group interviews of 12 lakh households in and around Ahmadabad. After studying the market for 6 months the group found that 70% of readers were not happy with the reality coverage of current newspapers because they felt that the credibility of the news was questionable.

The in order to grab a market share in Gujarat, the Dainik Bhaskar, an Indian newspaper in order to make a mark in Gujarat they had to conduct a market research to study the market which in turn helped them to dethrone, almost overnight, the kings of the markets namely Gujarat-Samachar and Sandesh. Thus the findings revealed the need for a more people friendly newspaper. Hence the research helps in finding the untapped needs of readers which helped Divya Bhaskar to become the no.1 newspaper in Gujarat.

In what ways did Divya Bhaskar differentiate its newspaper from other major competitors?

The research conducted helped them to know that the existing newspaper weren't people friendly. Divya Bhaskar paid a lot of attention on the presentation of content. They positioned the paper as unprejudiced and people friendly newspaper. Even as they provided comprehensive information, they took care to present all the minute details in a manner that nobody misses them. This is done with the aid of reader-friendly graphics. The paper was colourful. It’s entered the market for Rs 1.50 for the first six month subscription. It even set up a printing facility at Mehsana which helped it to get latest news by 2 am to its readers 7 hence saved two hours of transportation cost. Divya Bhaskar also kicked off initiatives to attract advertisers. Overall, Divya Bhaskar’s success may be attributed to the fact that it is read by everybody in a household sector including the kids. So, all this strategies helped it to differentiate with its competitors.

What strengths of newspapers discussed in the case did Divya Bhaskar seems to possess?

The strength of Divya Bhaskar was as follows:-

• Data collected from research (survey conducted).
• The price was only kept Rs 2 so it was economical for everyone to purchase the newspaper.
• The printing facility at Mehsana enabled them to give latest news
• The paper was colourful & hence it boosts the image of the news paper.
• The newspaper had a lot of supplements to cater needs for the whole family including kids and also a lot of space as it newspaper was of 28 pages.
• They offered good initiatives for the advertisers during festival seasons.
• The paper also set up printing press in local district so as to give latest news to its readers and also save its transportation cost.

What was the role of research studies and circulation-verification agencies in increasing the appeal of Divya Bhaskar?

Gujarat market-leaders in newspaper segment were Gujarat-Samachar and Sandesh. The Company did a thorough market research, conducted an extensive research on 12 lakh readers & understand their needs and found out the UN-MET needs of the Gujarat population.
It learnt to capitalize on these needs which they did and was the market leader. So the market research helped the newspaper to create an edge in the local segment of people. Before entering Surat it conducted a consumer based survey which helped them to cover 70% of the market share
It opened printing facility at Mehsana and other districts helped them to surpass the circulation of Gujarat-Samachar and Sandesh…...

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