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Differences in Counseling and Other Health Professions

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Research Paper

Liberty University

October 12, 2014

2 Abstract

In this research paper I will attempt to show the differences and similarities between

counselors and other mental health professions. The findings were quite unique but not at all shocking.

There was an equal amount of information on the differences and similarities amongst the counseling,

psychology, and pyschiatric professions. However, the differences stood out far more than similarities.

I also will display the characteristics needed to become an effective counselor. These characteristics I

found are very challenging to an aspiring counselor and cannot be approached with emotional

weakness. The characteristics of an effective counselor are the foundation to the profession itself. My

last evaluation will be a professional counselor's ability to recognize wellness and impairment

within themselves to prevent burnout. A counseling professional's wellness and impairment is very

important to maintain effectiveness. I will break down the effects of the profession without

recognizing proper wellness and impairment and how it can affect a counselor's success.…...

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