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Debate Topic Summary Discussion

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Debate Topic Discussion Summary

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Thursday, January 22, 2015
Joe Monroe, MA

Debate Topic Discussion Summary

Discussion, debates, arguments are all methods of looking at a subject or an issue to reveal its real essence and the varying points of view there are. We can see the debate from several positions. The first position is clarification and problem-solving. This position has an objective to see the problem and find a viable solution. However, to see the complete picture of any given topic one must enter into a discussion with not only understanding their opinion, but a willingness to see the opposite perspective. If we can do this we perhaps, find a third less obvious avenue to travel and quite possibly a better way to come to a conclusion. Another position, that can be used, is the question of whether or not you can win or lose a debate. The arguments and persuasive facts may compel some to switch sides, but if in the end you remain in the position then was winning or losing really achieved? A third position is that debates often seem to not only continue the fight or tension between opinions but fuel them to a deeper level making it harder to find a solution.
The discussion topic, we are posing, is, "Should profiling be used as an accepted means to achieve the desired result”? Rationale for Discussion Topic Each member of Team C came up with two possible topics of discussion for this activity. We listed them and then each member gave a brief reason they chose that particular topic. We talked about each item and if it was a local, national or international issue, discussed the pros and cons of each theme and whether or not the themes were indeed controversial and could be debated. We then listed two pros and two cons for each topic to help our decision further. My decision on choosing this issue was an easy one. First, the question of whether or not to profile is very relevant in our society right now. Many decisions, that directly affect me in my everyday life and in the world around me, are the outcome of profiling or not profiling. This topic is an issue that has been around for some time now, and even though it may appear to disappear, it somehow seems to resurface continually, and it resurfaces because it’s never quite settled. Second, the quick exercise of listing pros and cons for debate on this topic was simple. As a group, we were able to come up with many on each side, which made it a very debatable topic that would be easy to defend on whichever side you choose to stand. Lastly, even in my group, we already had established opinions on both sides of this issue further deepening my decision that this topic is the one to choose. Personally, I support profiling for many reasons, one of which is that I believe that is it an effective way to get results from a target group, the desired outcome or make decisions clear.
Caution is a keyword when debating or discussing an issue. Use discretion as to what point you’re trying to make, what impression you are leaving the people you are attempting to persuade, and whether your points are fact based, emotion based or conjecture. This topic can easily lead you down a particular path if you allow it to. Use caution and try to see alternative avenues before debating so that you are not ambushed in the discussion you are trying to win.…...

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