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Daily Planner System

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Daily Planner System
An alarm goes off, you get out of bed, hop in the shower, brush your teeth, make something to eat, check the news, and then you’re off to work. This is a daily routine for most people. Shouldn’t these basic everyday tasks work the same way in your business life? Even better, wouldn’t it be great if it was part of your daily routine on your computer system when you get to work? Well, for me, it is. I wouldn’t be able to organize my day without the help of our Daily Planner System.
It was less then a year and a half ago that we didn’t even have this system at my place of work. What we had were yearly binders with massive amounts of paper in them. I would have to come into work up to two hours early, just so I could complete the daily paperwork. I would also have to schedule my managers in early and waste valuable payroll that could be put towards other projects. The transferring of numbers from last year binders to this year projected sales was a difficult project.
The day would start out by finding the five binders needed to generate the revenue goals and other operational goals for the day. The equation was simple. Beat last year’s numbers by 5% this year. Getting the numbers to plug into the equation was a different story. If someone from the previous year did not enter the numbers on the spreadsheet correctly, or if they didn’t write them down legibly, then you would be stuck and you would have to call the cooperate office to try to get your numbers for the day. They hated being called about operational issues. After you compiled all the information needed, you would start doing your math and come up with the daily goals. When this was finished, you would have to email or text them to the district manager. Doing this process day after day was very monotonous.
The Daily Planner System was a great time saver. It allowed me to save many…...

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