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Cutting Mens Hair

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Task 1A: Produce an information sheet
The following factors may influence the cutting service: * Head and face shape- These factors may influence the cutting service because prior to cutting a customer’s hair you must ensure that you choose a look that will compliment the clients head and face shape. You must also avoid haircuts that emphasise or highlight any bad features that they may have or are self-conscious about, if the client is unsure of what you are discussing with them the use of images from a styling book for example may help the client understand you better.

* Hair growth patterns – These factors may influence the cutting service as the growth pattern will determine which cut is suitable for the client. The definite angle at which the hair grows determines the pattern the hairs make on the head and the direction the hair will lie. The most common hair growth patterns are:

* Cowlick - This growth pattern is at the front of the hairline. Not all looks are suitable for this pattern as the hair falls into a parting at the cowlick. It is important that the hair is not cut too short as the hair will then start to stick out.

* Double crown- The double crown is when there are two circles or whorls in the crown area of the head. It is important that the hair is left longer in this area as it will stick out from the head if it is cut too short and be uncontrollable.

* Neck or nape whorl- This is when the hair grows towards the centre of the neckline. When cutting, it should either be long enough to cover the growth pattern or cut very short to create and define a neckline shape.

* Widows peak- This forms a point at the centre of the front of the hairline. Certain looks cannot be done as the hair grows from the centre upwards and outwards towards the sides. It is better to leave the hair longer or very short.…...

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