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Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation
Amul Brand
Amul is the No. 1 dairy brand in India. Their products are sold internationally e.g. Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and China. Amul has firm commitment to corporate social responsibility. They have gained much international recognition, e.g. Case Study for Harvard Business School, for the brand’s contribution to local farmers. Such commitment guarantees high quality production of their range of products

GCMMF: An Overview
Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) is India's largest food products marketing organisation. It is a state level apex body of milk cooperatives in Gujarat which aims to provide remunerative returns to the farmers and also serve the interest of consumers by providing quality products which are good value for money.
CRISIL, India's leading Ratings, Research, Risk and Policy Advisory company, has assigned its highest ratings of "AAA/Stable/P1+" to the various bank facilities of GCMMF. Members: | 13 district cooperative milk producers' Union | No. of Producer Members: | 2.79 million | No. of Village Societies: | 13,328 | Total Milk handling capacity: | 11.22 million litres per day | Milk collection (Total - 2008-09): | 3.05 billion litres | Milk collection (Daily Average 2008-09): | 8.4 million litres | Milk Drying Capacity: | 626 Mts. per day | Cattlefeed manufacturing Capacity: | 3500 Mts per day |

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been defined as the “commitment of business to contribute to sustainable economic development working with employees, their families, the local community, and society at large to improve their quality of life, in ways that are both good for business and good for development.”
To meet with the CSR it is expected that a business in its entire procurement-production-processing-marketing chain should focus on human…...

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