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Akwa United football club of Uyo last Wednesday attempted to balance their alarming and dying feat and number of goals conceded recently in their away matches by what has been term by many as the resurrection of the …………. base Nigeria professional football league side by thrashing the visiting shanks of port Harcourt 3.0 in their week ten match at the Uyo township stadium. The Uyo team which previously laboured in their encounter with the visiting ABSFC of Illorin by coming from behind to draw may have left their dream stage in the league and vow to retaliate what sunshine did to them when they were beaten 3-0 with no reply. Planning before a scanty fan, Akwa United welcome sharks into the pitch with a shocking goal just 2 minute from the blast of the refere’s whistle through their high goal scorer Ubong Ekpai sporting jersey number 29. Under the tutelage of justice tangier, the Uyo club side dominated the first half of the encounter thereby forcing the sharks die fence line to committee some blonder which led to a free kick awarded to Akwa United and was converted to their visitors net by the team’s former captain Namso Edo sporting jersey number 6, bring the first half of the game to an unarguable 2-0.
At the restart of the match Sharks played a more purposeful football than Akwa United but all effort to reduce the tally was aborted as they could not take advantage of the Conner kicks awarded them. Both teams made some substitutions which saw two of the newly signed Akwa United players, Emmanuel Enize jersey No. 8 and Ezekeil Mba jersey No. 19 coming into the pict to prove a point. The exist of Nuna Nakago jersey number 15 from the pitch with Enize replacing him seem to have affected the performances of Akwa United as the newly signed fail to justify his being as the turn himself to as coach in the pitch.
Emman Enize later told his fans by his performance that it was just a stage friat when he displayed some high football skills that aided Sharks defender to course an infreshment which the center refere awarded another free kick to Akwa United that was again in the Shark’s net off the boot of Namso Edo jersey number 6 at the 64 minutes of the encounter.
IN an chat with our sports correspondent, the technical adviser of the club, coach Justice Tenger said the reason the team had worefull outing was because there was no preparation by the team before the league season.
Coach Tenger hinted that what push Akwa United to be close to the bottom in the league table was because they cancelled too many goals away and hinted that with the 3-0 victory, they are now having only a two goal deficit.
Akwa United will this Sunday battle it out with Harthand of Owerri in an away encounter. Meanwhile fans and football lovers in the state has expressed dissatisfaction with the media unit of Akwa United for announcing free gate fee but on arrival at the stadium there was buying and selling ticket by the management of the club.

Commissions and the issue of staff welfare
Few days ago, staff of ministry of work were given a nice and deserving treat by ministry through its staff welfare scheme. What thrilled those who were in attendance were not the quality of gift handed to the beneficiaries, but the level of honour and respect accorded the retired staff. Although it was a moment for the retired government workers to reflect on their contributions to governance after 35 years of meritorious service, it was also a moment to shake hands with old friends.

The most surprising thing was the amount of encomium poured on the commissioner, Dr. Don Etim whom the staff regarded as the best commissioner ever hard in the ministry because of his earnest concern for staff welfare. At the occasion, it was noted that the manifestation of ministry of work’s staff welfare scheme was the brain child of Mr. Don Etim who through series of interactions with staff came up with the idea to enable staff have a pool of fund to assist them solve pressing needs. Aside from this, the staff welfare scheme unlike other ministries that contributed is quite telling on staff meager income, in MOW, contactors and consultants are mobilized to see the need to contribute to the scheme. The commissioner’s interest on the staff welfare of the ministry has gone a long way to demonstrate Mr. Don Etim’s humane felling to people that work with him.

This act has eroded the gap between political office holders who often see civil servants as slaves that can be used and dumped. The commissioner has also demonstrated that the ministry’s success is the collective responsibility of staff, not his own effort alone.

That is why today, ministry of works can be adjudged as the best ministry in the state that has pushed governor Akpbio’s transformation agenda to a success. Little wonder that Chairman House Committee on Works, Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Akpan could not withhold his heart felt gratitude; hence, he openly thanked the commissioner for his fatherly role in the ministry.

Today, the collective effort of staff of ministry of works which has placed the ministry above its counterparts is a clear case study, receiving why other commissioners do not earn the support of their staff. It is quite disheartening that most commissioners believe that their best counterparts are permanent secretaries and directors, without any recourse to the welfare of junior staff.

In 21st century, human resources management principle … the changing world of works has placed every staff of any organization in significant position. Without all the staff being carried along in the management and decision making of the ministry, there is bound to be some unwanted organizational behaviuor ranging from whistle blowing to breaking chain of commands.

It is time; other ministry followed the footsteps of ministry of works. Commissioners in other ministry who by virtue of luck or merry, found themselves at the top, should develop interest in the welfare of those holding the ladder of them. The same scheme can be set up in other ministry as a way of stemming the influx of staff seeking assistance from government.

However, while applauding the initiative of the commissioner of works, staff of the scheme should think of how to develop the association to another level. This can be done by turning the scheme into a registered cooperative society which will enable the staff access loan from both commercial and micro finance banks.

Fear Hovers Round Akwa Ibom State Scholarship Award
Amidst the present quest to stem the tide of ignorance and encourage scholarship, Akwa Ibom State Government has set machineries in motion for the award of scholarship to postgraduate students in the state just as politicians have allegedly hijacked the package.

This gesture which is part of the human capital development of the state government has greatly attracted accolades from all corners of the state and beyond. The government through the scholarship board, recently issued forms to its own postgraduates students in various universities across the country.

However, this uncommon benevolence of the state governor, which ordinarily should elicit excitement, has created mixed feelings within and amongst supposed beneficiaries of the package.

As the students in the University of Uyo, queue up to collect the scholarship forms, one could notice the glaring excitement inherent in their comments, gesture, broad smiles, movements and even undying patience at the queue.

It was a filled day for mobile network providers as students were seen making long calls to inform, and invite their friend, colleagues, acquaintance and even their enemies to have a share in the state government’s magnanimity made possible by Governor Godswill Akpabio.

The venue for collection of the form soon became a beehive of activities as all route suddenly led to same destination with hurried movements from the different entrance into the university.

Those who could not get the form at the close of work, felt disappointed, paled and gloomy like one who had lost a mother in law, though not worried for the lost of a loved one but financial constraint to arrange the funeral.

It was not surprising to see long queues of students waiting patiently to get the form. The once disappointed set of students soon joined the league of celebrants who in expectant had taken to new dance steps acknowledging the Akwa Ibom Ayaiya slogan and painting the sky blue with uncontrolled smile.

This ecstasy sooner than expected, paved way for worries and greater disappointment as fillers alleging that politicians, especially the high and mighty, had hijacked the gesture.

The lines and directions of calls suddenly changed, as students who wanted their names listed either by God’s favour or his enemy, scampered to get favour of so called high and mighty in the state.

Those who had collected the forms, especially the god fatherless, were faced with dilemmas either to save themselves of the trouble of filling the form for submission or risk submitting without the reward.
It is however worrisome that those students bereft of godfathers may not have any chance in this supposed benevolence and an opportunity for the academic conscious, though not finically buoyant, to read with some smiles.

It is obvious that Akwa Ibom State has witnessed an unprecedented positive change in all spheres, but there is also no doubt, that the youth loving, people oriented, and humane governor will be better appreciated and endeared to the to the youths if only a level playing ground can be created for all the supposed beneficiaries.

Human Trafickers hide in A’Ibom coastal line-Deputy Comptroller of Immigration
The Nigerian Immigration Service, Akwa Ibom State Command has lamented lack of adequate transport facilities for fighting the increasing illegal immigrants in the state and the country in general.
Mrs. Iniobong Inyang, the deputy comptroller of the Nigerian Immigration Service, in-charge of passport in Akwa Ibom State said that the provision of adequate water transport facilities would help the command to effectively monitor traffickers and illegal immigrants.

She said that Akwa Ibom has the longest coastal line that has made the topography very difficult for the men and officers of the Immigration Service to discharge their duties effectively.
According to her, “we have a lot of creeks in our coastal region bordering Cameroon and Gabon and human traffickers hid in these creeks to perpetrate their nefarious deeds. Last time, a lot of youths who were being trafficked from the state to Gabon drowned in a boat mishap. A lot of activities are going on into the coastal line but because we don’t have adequate means of water transportation, we cannot monitor effectively.”

The deputy comptroller said they needed the assistance of the state and federal government to check the crimes in the coastline, maintaining that this would aid to check the raising incidents of terrorism in the country.

Inyang however, appealed to the State Governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio to assist the command with an office accommodation, hinting that the command was no longer comfortable with the current office space. It was occupying at the federal Secretariat complex.

Sir we witnessed the large turnout of retirees coming to celebrate with you, now what is the issue behind the staff welfare scheme of the ministry of works?

In 2009, November to be precise, by the benevolence of our honourable commissioner for works, Mr. Don Etim, through the help of the permanent secretary as at that time, Engr. Bassey, the staff welfare scheme of the ministry of works was inaugurated. The sole aim of the staff welfare scheme was to foster unity amongst the staff and to be our brothers keeper and assist the staff in time of need and today members of the staff welfare scheme who are retired are being honoured today, appreciated … for their meritorious service to the government and people of Akwa Ibom state for 35 years.

We still have some staff of the ministry who have not joined the scheme

They thought may be it was a child’s play. Today from what we have seen and what has happened, we believe that so many them will…...

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