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Common Ms Office Errors

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Common MS Office Errors

This paper gives a summary of each Microsoft Office application: Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. For each application, common user errors will be identified, as well as step-by-step strategies to diagnose and troubleshoot the problems for each application. The step-by-step instructions are written for a beginner and intermediate user level. A PowerPoint presentation is included that resembles an actual presentation that could be used for training application support staff.

Common MS Office Errors
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word is a word processing software package that allows the user to create professional looking documents such as resumes, letters, reports, fax cover sheets, legal documents, brochures, manuals, and other documents. Not only can a user create these document types, they can also create tables and graphs, apply themes and styles, print documents, envelopes and labels. Microsoft Word is easy for beginners to advanced users to create documents with its easy-to-use interface, document wizards, and templates. Microsoft Word is currently the most commonly used word processing software on the market. It is used in schools, universities, businesses, and homes everywhere.
The most common errors in Microsoft Word are: recovering lost files, adjusting spaces between lines and paragraphs, spell checker not recognizing misspelled words, opening and saving Word 2007 files in earlier versions, viewing and printing files from the Backstage view.
For a user that is having a problem, the support specialist will need to ask the user a series of questions to determine what the problem is and how it happened to further educate the user to avoid it happening again. First, the specialist will need to ask the user what operating system is on his computer, then what version of Microsoft Word he is using. This will help the…...

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