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Enterprise resource planning 5 ERP is short for enterprise resource planning 6 ERP Software Modules 6 Origin of "ERP” 7 Functional areas covered in “ERP” 7 Integrations 8 What is the basic structure of a good ERP solution? 9 Need for Enterprise Resource Planning - Why ERP? 11 ERP Overview 12 Why ERP 14 Selection Criteria of ERP 14 Implementation of ERP 15
CMMS 16 Work orders and CMMS 16 Inventory control and CMMS 17 Functions of CMMS 19 CMMS process flow 19 The maintenance processes 20 Stores Requisitioning, Stock Control and Purchasing 24 WARRANTY MANAGEMENT 25 What is Warranty? 25 STORES 27 What is a corporate store? 27 Stock classification 28 ABC 28 Disadvantage of ABC classification 29 XYZ 29 Criticality analysis 30 Consignment stock 32 STORES MODULES 32 REPORTING 34 Maintenance Reporting Requirements 35 OPEN APPLICATION INTERFACE 35 OPEN APPLICATION INTERFACE DIAGRAM 36 CUSTOMER MIGRATION 38
Computerized maintenance management or CMMS 39 Old methods provide limited benefits 46 Safety FACTORS Plans 49 ISO FACTOR 50 The Productivity Factor 51 The Cost Factor 52 7 Cost factors to CMMS Configurability 53
Areas of saving 54 Maintenance Efficiency 54 Increased Vision 54 Equipment uptime/ Efficiency 55 Improved safety and risk management 56
Waste in maintenance 57 Labour productivity 57 Waiting 57 Defects 57 Overproduction 57 Stores- Materials 58 Inventory- Materials/parts 58 Transportation 58 Safety and environment 59 Process waste 59 Working conditions 59 Poor maintenance management 59
What removes waste 60…...

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