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Clubit Part 1

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ClubIT, Part One

In today’s business environment technology has made a business competitive advantage extremely important because it is constantly increasing. Businesses must out perform their competitors in some, if not all areas, to stay ahead in today’s market. I will be analyzing ClubIT and also discussing how the accurate use of correct information technologies could provide tools that can allow them to be successful in gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors. ClubIT’s mission is to build a community that meets regularly at the club (Rainer & Turban, 2008). The consensus from my analysis is that their primary clientele includes college students and professionals ranging from twenty-one to thirty-five years of age. Their clients also consist of those who take pleasure in dancing, socializing, and listening to a variety of latest hits. Currently Lisa and Ruben manage the club and maintain all financial and business related records. Presently Lisa and Ruben track ordering supplies, sales and budget manually instead of utilizing information technologies. After this analysis my recommendation is to invest in at least three types of information systems. The first information resource is a system for processing payroll. This resource can be managed in-house by either Lisa or Ruben or another employee in management appointed to handle all payroll responsibilities. An advantage of using a system for processing payroll is the ability to automatically track the amount paid to employees, vacation time accrued/used, and also any time the employee may owe the company is the case of termination. In addition to tracking purposes for the business, the employee is also able to retrieve electronic payroll information instead of receiving paper paystubs resulting in reduced cost for paper. The second resource is a transaction…...

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