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Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation
Sean R. Callesto
CJA 394
December 20, 2012
Jeromy Orton

Criminal Justice Trends The past trends of the criminal justice system are how we evaluate the system as a whole, and how we strive to make it better. The present is full of ideas towards a better future involving those better ideas made in the past. With today’s society of highly educated individuals, we can only speculate on what the future of the criminal justice system will be, but we can be assured of one certainty, it will change. The value of the criminal justice system in a changing society will also play a factor in what will become of the criminal justice system itself.
The Past The criminal justice system was first established in order to provide society a sense of balance. If everyone was left unchecked for the crimes that they had committed then there would not be a balance and there would only be chaos. Even when it seemed like there was a lot of incidents that went without notice, compared to today, hundreds of years ago, there were still laws that were established that prevented total anarchy. First, there were the police of the past. One does not have to look too far into the past to see how different the police were. Only a few hundred years to even seventy years before now will show what a different sort of job it was. When I think of the “Old School” police officer I think of the New York “beat cop” in the early to mid-1900’s that had nothing more than a uniform, a gun, a club, and a whistle. This was perfectly sustainable as a police officer was concerned back in his time. Then when you go back a hundred years you find the police officers, or sheriff’s, who had to travel by horseback to get from town to town in order to do the job. While I’m sure the core values of New York City’s finest are still etched into the walls of their…...

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