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Change Strategy and Vision

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Gene One has, thus far, had a very successful run in the short period of eight years. They have had major breakthroughs in the aspect of agriculture. Gene One’s, Teri Robertson CTO, has had a very good run with research in her fifteen years. Creating new varieties and most important, pesticide free crops because they were now disease free crops. They have also had major success in the speed and growth of typical crops. Gene One has many individuals within its company structure that are very headstrong. Gene One has gotten the approval for an IPO and want to head full force for it. Unfortunately, this is an all new theory for all of them as they knew the general course of action but need a change strategy and an end vision.

With strong individuals such as, Don Ruiz CEO, Michelle Houghton CFO, Teri Robertson CTO and Greg Thoman, Gene One has the brainpower to flourish. They will not flourish, conversely, if there is no participative influenced strategy to pull everyone together and forward. Without this the strong willed individuals will continue to counteract each other and Gene One will stay at an impasse. With this counteractive mentality, there will be no cushion of security for every individual within the company to rely on. With no cushion of security Gene One employees will not give a team based effort and the organization itself will fall apart.

Gene One will face many obstacles and likely fail unless they create and employ an organizational change. This organizational change should consist of leadership changes, teams and organizational culture. Leadership changes will outline the style and duties of each leader within the organization. This is the best time to educate the leaders on the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and how it directly affects the CEO, CFO and Board of directors.The second most important change will have to be that of the restructuring…...

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