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Change Managment Process

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Change Management and dealing with changes is a key project management

function for any industry. There might be enormous variance in efforts,

cost, schedule, quality of deliverables if changes are not handled

effectively. Many projects are delayed and many other are closed

(terminated) because project managers were not able to manage changes.

Change management and dealing of with scope or requirements change is

an importance function of project managers. However clear the

requirements are, whatever the tool used for documenting requirements (

right from Rational tools to Word document ) and whatever the category

of execution model ( Pure Waterfall to evolutionary prototype )

requirements are bound to change. The only difference to change is to

what extent, and what is the impact on project success or failure.

Having said this successful execution of any project relies on how good

and effective is your change management mechanism.

This is the reason why Monitoring and Controlling Process Group (

Section 3.2.4 of PMP handbook ) is such an important section.

Why Requirements Change?
There are a number of reasons for change in requirements and these

reasons depend on multiple factors like:

Industry: Is the project related to Automotive or Aerospace or

Geography : APAC customers are precise in their requirements compared

to US or European Customers ( Based on the project execution experience

I have on multiple engagements )
Customers: Customers maturity
Implementers: Experience of implanters with the same customer or

similar customers or projects
Execution Model: Fixed Price project executions model demands

requirements to be crystal clear. So efforts taken on such projects to

control scope are more compared to Time and Material or other models.…...

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