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Car and American People's Life

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Daniel Liu
Joneel Roley
June 1 2010
In recent years in China, we can see more and more American car driving on the street. People choose the United States car because of the good quality, and U.S. auto manufacturers are also designed a lot of beautiful cars for the Chinese market. However, U.S. carmakers know that the most important market is not China, for whom the most important market is the United States. American car companies made cars sold in the U.S. and only a part of the vast majority of exports, although it was noted that Japanese cars are very popular in the U.S; however, most Americans still choose the American car. Why? Because Americans think that the U.S. auto industry is very important, and to buy American cars means provide a support to the automotive industry. Began in the 2008, the financial crisis brought the U.S. economy a lot of negative effects, and most of American people put their hopes of economic recovery on the automotive industry. Because they believe that recovery in the automotive industry will drive the revitalization of other industries. There is no doubt that the U.S. auto industry and economic development are closely linked, and is very important for the U.S. auto industry. Why the automobile industry is so important to U.S economic development?
The United States is one of the world’s most developed and richest countries, and the U.S. auto industry has long been an important support to the country’s development. Automobile manufacturing industry in the United States has a long history, and the lives of every American may be associated with the automotive industry. Why Americans cannot live without car manufacturing industries? Obviously, the answer is the automotive industry in the United States began in 1895 (Klepper 5). That was 115 years ago, this is a very long time, it can be said that the U.S. automobile industry had a…...

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