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Can You Really Trust Line Managers

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Can you really trust line managers with HRM?

Juan Jose Gomez

I believe that line managers and human resource management in a business is and should always be linked to the proper functioning of the company. In the process of recruitment and hiring of staff is the human resources department who performs the work of finding the right applicants, developing the job profile and establishes who are best suited for the post. but that is where line managers should be involved, because although the human resources department manages the staff, are the line managers who know their team, know their daily activity, their specific goals as a unit and knows that's what you need to have that person to come to hold that office. line managers may not be the most qualified in the selection of personnel such as the human resources department but they know the field they play every day, and I think they should like human resources, interview the person applicant for the post, and decide whether or not to be hired depending on whether the team needs it or not.

But there is another problem with this issue, line managers are not willing to engage in human resources activities, not having the necessary time for these tasks and responsibilities of personnel, or may lack the skills and competencies to apply the techniques of human resources. While some managers are very excited about the acceptance of responsibility for human resources, human resources department is usually more willing to delegate Human Resources tasks to line managers than they are willing to accept. Often in the companies is seen a marked distaste among line managers to take such new responsibilities. One of the problems and the reasons why Line Managers don’t want to accept these new tasks is because they have to find the time to do it, and generally this new responsibilities and duties are given without a…...

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