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Cable vs Satellite

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Cox Cable vs. Direct TV Anyone who has turned on a television in the past few years has probably seen one of the many satellite vs. digital cable commercials. With the amount of half-truths and fine print in all of the advertisement, who can you truly trust and how can future subscribers filter this information?
Two of the major providers in the local area are Cox Communications and Direct TV, a cable and satellite company, respectively. Analyzing hidden costs, joining benefits, and through subscribers’ first hand experiences, we can conclude that cable has the advantage. Direct TV is inferior both in price and quality to Cox Communication’s cable access. Watching a satellite picture and a digital cable picture side by side, it would be difficult to tell them apart as they both offer excellent picture and sound quality. With that said, there are even more common problems, lies, and bashings that it has become hard to pick out the truth when deciding between digital cable and satellite. It is not fair to say only one raise prices because, honestly, they both do and will continue to do so. Therefore, to compare prices and quality, we must compare packages as similar as possible. Cox Communications is a relatively large company with a monopoly in many of the areas it services. If someone is unhappy about the service Cox provides, they are usually only left with one of the satellite providers. Something that is not often expressed by this provider is that its prices can vary greatly from place to place depending on availability. If you live in a suburban area where there are numerous people, the prices will be closer to the average of $55 a month; if you live in the boondocks, getting digital cable will often be much more expensive if even possible to get due to the underground wiring required (Cable TV vs. Satellite TV). The fees attached to cable…...

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