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August 23-27
Confirm weekly availability with Lorinda for “On-Time Scheduling” sign-ups (DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, AUGUST 27)

August 30-September 19
“On-Time Scheduling”—students sign up on the Online Scheduler for their first sessions with their consultants; consultants check the Scheduler and BWT database daily

September 3 (Friday), 1:00-2:30, Room 216
Mandatory consultants’ meeting (program and technology orientation; review of prompts, handouts and evaluation criteria for Assignments 1 and 2)

September 7-25

September 10 (Friday), 10:00-11:00, Cemo Hall Conference Room
Mandatory meeting with Donna Grady, Director of Career Counseling at Bauer’s Rockwell Career Center (discussion of Assignment 1—cover letter with résumé); BRING COPIES OF THE SIX JOB ADS

September 20-October 10
Scheduling blackout period (students cannot book appointments for this program on the Online Scheduler)

October 4-8
1.Report students who have attendance problems or who are not regularly revising their writing to Lorinda
2.Report new time availability to Lorinda for “Late Scheduling” sign-ups (DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8)

October 8 (Friday), 11:00-12:00, Room 212
Mandatory consultants’ meeting (discussion of Assignments 1 and 2; “un-assigning” students; program progress)

October 11-24
“Late Scheduling”—students may register for meetings with consultants on the Online Scheduler; consultants check the Scheduler and the BWT database daily for new students

October 18-30
“Late Scheduling” consultations begin

November 15-20
Inform students of their last regular meeting dates (December 4 is the last regular consultation date of FA10)

November 19 (Friday), 1:00-2:00, Room 212
Mandatory consultants’ meeting (working with graduating seniors; administrative overview; program wrap-up for SU10)

November 29-December 4
Last week of regular consultation for FA10; provide Lorinda with list of graduating seniors on your roster who have NOT completed the BWT (DEADLINE IS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3)…...

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