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Mastering Your Telephone Sales Mystery Shopping Program
By Doug Kennedy Tuesday, 20 July 2010
With most hotels and call centers seeing an increase in inquiry calls as demand rebounds in markets, it is more important than ever for your frontline sales representatives to maximize their call conversions and total revenue sold vs. goal. Depending on the type of lodging operation or call center, and of course your targeted market segments, this might include group sales managers, reservations agents, or even front desk staff.
One great tool for maximizing your team’s overall sales effectiveness is to implement an ongoing mystery shopping assessment and coaching program. When properly organized and implemented, mystery shopping reports can help all telephone sales agents provide a less transactional, more conversational, caller-focused sales experience.
Unfortunately too many mystery shopping programs fall short of actualizing their potential as an assessment and coaching tool and instead actually reinforce a culture of transactional selling in an effort to meet an outmoded checklist criteria. Often this is the result of the organizer of the mystery shopper, whether in-house training department or an outside service, fails to overcome the many challenges and potential pitfalls of this service. Below are training tips and suggestions I’ve learned, often the hard way, for overcoming some common obstacles in the hotel mystery shopping business: * “I just knew it was a mystery shop call.” Hotel sales and reservations agents often report that they were figured out they were field a test call while it was in progress. Interestingly, this comment often comes from the agents who are scoring very low on their call reports. As a manager the first reaction should be, “If you knew it was a shop call, why didn’t you try to perform more effectively?” (What we really want to…...

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