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Bmw Dream Factory

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Case Study Assignment One (1) Student name: _Noria Hadfeg_
MGT- 3620- Organizational Behavior
Prof. Castro

Pages: 534-538

Case Questions

1. How would you assess the emotional intelligence of Mackey?

-He is known for being casual, opinionated, and very direct. On a scale of CEO directness, Mackey might rate an 8 or 9 . On a scale of CEO competitiveness, he is off the charts as judged by most observers. Current and calculating, forthright and aloof, humble and arrogant, good-natured and prickly, rebellious and open-minded, and impatient and impetuous. Mackey calls himself pro-customer but acknowledges that he runs a store with higher profit margins and prices, often than almost any other grocer.

2. How would you evaluate Mackey in relation to model of goal setting and performance? Identify specific behaviors and decisions to assess Mackey with respect to the dimensions of this model.

Mackey is a strong supporter of free market economics. He is one of the most influential advocates in the movement for organic food. Mackey is a major philanthropist who has contributed up to $1 million a year to animal welfare groups and other charities.

3. What model of leadership does Mackey best represent? Identify specific examples of Mackey’s behaviors and decisions to support your interpretation.

Transactional leadership model, involves motivating and directing followers primarily through appealing to their own self-interest. Transactional leadership model focuses on a carrot and sometimes a stick approach, setting performance expectations and goals and providing feedback to followers.

4. What dimensions of self-managed teams are illustrated at Whole Foods Markets?

Their success is also dependent upon the collective energy and intelligence of all our team members. Therefore, we design and promote safe work…...

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