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Black Male College Experience

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“Black Male College Experience”

“The grass is greener on the other side” is a popular phrase that I heard often growing up as youth but I was never able to grasp the meaning and purpose. As a young Haitian-American growing up in a high crime area of Miami, Florida I wasn’t privileged to live in a neighborhood where there were manicured lawns and great vistas. I always wanted to cross the highway to visit and fantasize about living a “green grass” lifestyle. This dream came true for me when I was accepted to the number historically black university in the world, the world renowned Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU). The grass at FAMU is green with tradition, scholarship and service and these are the key items that I plan to take full advantage of while attending this prestigious university.

FAMU is rich with a tradition and cultural that teaches one to be proud of their roots and origin no matter how they came to be. As a student coming from lower socioeconomic standards, I always thought that all college students would model themselves after the European-preparatory image and that professors would down play the intelligence of anyone that didn’t resemble those traits but not at FAMU. I thought that I had to wear slacks and button downs everyday just to be recognized but FAMU proved me wrong in the best way. This institution is filled with intelligent individuals from many walks of life that have their own, independent artistic expression through their personal style and educational advances. The professors are very understanding and acceptable of the student’s ability to express themselves in a manner that is respectable to themselves, peers and this institution. The FAMU tradition painted the grass a richer shade of green for me.

Being the number one producer of African-Americans with baccalaureate degrees, FAMU has excited my interest into molding my educational and critical thinking skills. FAMU is home to the number debate team among historically black colleges and universities in the United States of America, the Honda Campus All-tars and everyday I strive to become a qualified participant of this team. As a student in the School of Business and Industry, I am forever encouraged to read and research on the moves being made in the business world today as I inspire to be an accountant on Wall Street. When I was in high school trying to be cool with my friends, I allowed the opportunity to make the honor roll to lapse. However, since I have been at FAMU I am a reoccurring honor roll student and I aspire to graduate with highest honors. The FAMU way of making being in school a factor of cool, has painted the grass a richer shade of green for me.

Representative Kendrick Meek who is a United States House member representing my district in Miami is a product of FAMU and is a model of what the roaring theme of service means for the proud Rattler family. Since the first day my feet landed on the man made hills on which FAMU sits upon, I have participated in service based initiatives with intentions on bettering my self as a man of color so that when I return home I will be able to assist other youth that group around the same influences as me. My most proud service involvement is just beginning as I have been appointed as a royal escort on the royal court of Mr. and Miss FAMU 2010-2011. As a royal escort, I will be able to assist Mr. and Miss FAMU fulfill their platforms of service to the FAMU and Tallahassee communities. I am even more excited and humbled at the ability to attend recruitment fairs and encourage other youth that they too can come from no where and make it anywhere. FAMU has opened my eyes to a whole new life that is filled with green grass painted by service and for that I will be forever grateful.…...

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