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B. TECH. I YEAR BATCH A Spring Semester 2009-2010
BT 101 Fundamentals of Biotechnology
Attempt all questions. Give your answer in not more than one sentence. M. M. =15
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1. Lipid biosynthesis in cell takes place in Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum organelle. 2. The Ribosome of prokaryotes is 70 S while in eukaryote it is 80 S 3. Light absorption in chloroplasts takes place due to presence of chlorophyll in granna 4. Nucleolus is the site of r - RNA synthesis. 5. Cell Membrane usually a made of phospholipid bilayer and some proteins molecule embedded in. 6. The simplest amino acid is glycine 7. In eukaryotic cell DNA is linear and found in nucleus organelle 8. The cell wall in bacteria is made up of peptidoglycan (glycoprotein) 9. The important function of golgi bodies is packaging of proteins / secretion / glycosylation 10. Mitochondria is powerhouse of cell because it generates ATP energy molecules 11. The nucleotide unit consists of Pentose sugar ,Nitrogenous base and phosphate 12. Nuclear membrane is discontinuous so that exchange of material between nucleus and cytoplasm takes place 13. Glycogen is a polysaccharide and found mainly in animal cells. 14. A phospholipid molecule is derived from glycerol , fatty acid and phosphate 15. Two purine bases are…...

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